T Nation

Is T-Nation Bull?

Well, what exactly do you mean by “bull”?

Like, the large, powerful, stamping and snorting horned beast?

If so, than… yes.

Kids these days and their words…grumbling old man stuff

Wow. I forgot about the “Iron Bullshit”. I met him in Boston at a Strongman contest. He was not competing, just hanging out at a table getting laughed at.

I just ignore any sort of supplement they link that coincidentally takes you to the website’s store - this happens to be almost every supplement they link.

Do you mean to tell me that the supplement company that owns this fitness website wants you to buy their supplements?



If by Bull, you mean AWESOME!!

Then yes~

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Hold up - This is a “mood” for you?

In my defense…

Me before logging onto T Nation

Me after reading too much on T Nation!


Chris, sorry. I don’t mean to necro this thread but I just have to mention that my main character in the game Final Fantasy 14 is named Chad Thundermember.

There was a dude who was silly enough to fully name his character Chad Thundercock. Got told by the game authorities to change his name.

Was that you?