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Is T-Nation Bull?

I recently came across the T-nation website and read a couple of articles with some interesting viewpoints. As with everything fitness related I take it with a grain of salt, but is T-Nation complete bull?


I mean, I can appreciate you wanting to vet any info you come across, but this is a pretty rough first impression. “Hi guys. New here. Does this place suck?”

Suffice to say, no, T Nation is not bull. The coaches are legit or they wouldn’t be here. One thing that gets thrown around a bit is that articles “contradict”, but that’s actually a plus that means more solutions to any given problem… and they all work.


WTF? If you don’t like it, leave. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!


Not the most effective cross-examination strategy I’ve seen, Matlock.

If, say, we are all Russian Bots sent by Putin and Trump and the Freemasons to weaken your male essence with bad work out advice, what do you suppose our response would be to that question?

Would we say: “Yes, you’ve got us. We are part of a conspiracy!”?

Seriously, just look around. T-Nation has been around for 20 years or so.


Nope. It’s totally legit bro.

The articles are written by a number of different authors. Some articles are good, soem articles aren’t so good, none of them are as bad as this first post.


Well, we do tend to think we have t-levels that rival virile chad bull-centaurs to other sites’ virgin centigors…if that’s what you mean


Fun fact: Way back when, my plain old username here was Minotaur.

That’s simply because they’re badass and it was almost a decade-and-a-half before “Chads” were a thing.


Oh I’m in just the proper mood to be a asshole.


Nah, it’s good. It’s good because of the quality of articles and also quality of forum posting content. Do you get some bs from time to time?, yeah…I suppose from time to time you do, but, mostly it’s a much better bbing website than any other I’ve ever read.


Yes, it is like The Onion. The workout “programs” are satires, and will only get you injured or, in many cases, killed. The supplements are “not for human consumption” and are meant to be given as gag gifts to your friends and family. As you may have noticed, most of the “coaches” are easily recognizable as comedians on primetime sitcoms.

That said, Ray Romano’s “Six weeks to jacked ear lobes” was actually pretty effective, as was Danny Devito’s “Pinky finger finishers”.


You guys have put me in a real quandary trying to decide if you or @Polo77j is the bigger geek.

Mind you, I went to MIT. I know geekdom.


My vote’s for @Chris_Colucci - all I did was perform a bit of google-fu for “virile bull” memes and this is what I got … I tailored my response to the meme I posted - essentially the meme chose me.

He CHOSE minotaur “simply because they’re badass…” (I’m not disputing this … They are badass).


Oh yeah, Mr. MIT? Well, I’ll have you know that I was one of the Top 10 Magic: The Gathering players in my high school and only sold the last of my cards a couple of years ago.

And at one point, my RPG group was running simultaneous games of Star Wars, Rifts, and a superhero-based game that one of us created.

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Alright, shit. You win Chris. No need to show off…


Dunno. He sold the cards.

Unless his mom was kicking him out of the basement, that’s unacceptable.

(For the record, I played old school D&D with all my daughters over Thanksgiving and three sons-in-law. My wife just stared at us, wondering what she married into.)


To be fair, I only meant the MTG cards. Still have some sets for Highlander, Wyvern, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, Star Trek, and a couple of others.

Sorry, OP, didn’t mean to lead this important topic off-course.

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Obvious troll is a troll.

Dude, we have a legitimate high-rep deadlift thread.

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You won’t find Bull in the forums, but Bull can definitely be found in the articles


Do I get bonus nerd points for recognising both of the Warhammer models in the above meme?