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Is T Dawg 2 outdated?

Hey guys im thinking about tdawg2 diet but was wondering if it was somewhat out dated?

I’m thinking of giving tdawg a go monday to friday then saturday have a healthy carb up and sunday have a normal 3 P+C and 2p+Fs and have a 3rd cheat meal where i either try to have a P+C (e.g. sushi) or p+F (nandos chicken)

bearing in mind my training is geared towards fighting, i just want to experiment and see how i go doing this kind of diet for a few weeks. What do u guys think?

T-Dawg V.2 is not “outdated”. It came out this year, if I’m not mistaken, and is based on sound, current science.

It’s also an awesome diet if your goals are fat loss while maintaining and even gaining LBM.

As far as refeeds, there are a ton of varying opinions when it comes to the finer details, so tweak that any way you like, within reason of course.

I wouldn’t consider it outdated, it has a very specific purpose and works well for it.

Saying that, I wouldnt consider it a good plan for someone like yourself. Assuming you plan on doing your fighting (cardio type) of workout while on that is.

Like any low carb plan, it’s good for losing fat, but is limited when it comes to cardio. Lots of cardio is not the friend of low carb, not unless you also consider muscle loss a cool thing. Just seems to be pushing the line a bit much.

I agree with the others. T-Dawg as written makes a ton of sense for fat loss. Not that it can’t be improved but most people seem to get great results as is.

Hey that sounds like my plan!!! I’m currently lowcarbing it with T-Dog V. 2. I was planning to have a couple of carb days a week where I ate 3-5 P+C meals, but still kept the kcals at hypocaloric levels. The reason for this is that I do not respond well to overfeeds, and I think some variation would be good to include. I have tried T dog with and without overfeeds, and I seem to progress without them. Anytime I start weekly overfeeds, my progress stops (not to mention that I feel terrible during the overfeed). By the way, I am a rock climber at about 160 lbs and 10% bodyfat, so strength to weight is a big issue. I think a couple of carb days may be the way to go performance wise. When my progress stops, I will start thinking about spiking my leptin levels.

I basically live on this diet and absolutely love it. The Saturday carb up meal gives me something to look forward too and the carb manipulation really argees with my metabolism. For some people (and definitely in my case) VERY low carbs (poliquin style) appear to be the only way to keep lean and muscular. This diet takes that fact into account while also considering post workout nutirtion, etc. Oh, did I mention that I LOVE THIS DIET!

As I’ve mentioned, oh, about 7,000 times, Supersize, I love the diet too!

In fact, I love it so much I’ve started the T-Dawg V.2 International Fan Club.

In an effort to get the word out to the masses of still-unenlightened people so that they too may enjoy the benefits of the plan, I’m asking T-Folks like yourself to PM me with the amount of your tax deductible donation to the cause. (Your credit card information will be held strictly confidential.)

Your efforts are truly appreciated in this worthy endeavor!

Wow Mike, you have a big heart! :wink:

Anything to help out!

I’m kind of unselfish in that respect…