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Is T Cypionate Longer acting?


My endo recently switch me from T enanethate to t cypionate.I get more anxiety with HRT and he wanted to see if cypionate might be smother with less anxiety. I inject 50mg twice a week.The same as I did with enanethate. I have done three injections. The first was good. The second and third injections I am haveing more anxiety symtoms than with enanethate.The clonazepam barely helps with the anxiety. Also, I am obsessing with thoughts. I can not get certain thoughts out of my mind.. It feels like I have higher T levels than with enanethate.My sex drive is higher too. The pharmacist said that cypionate absords slower and I might not need as much per week. I do not want to go back to enenathate until I give this a chance,but the anxiety is murder.I was thinking of trying 30mg twice a week. Does anyone know if when on cypionate a person might need less than when on enanethate?



The only thing that I know is that Cypionate is probably a tad slower releasing and has a little longer active life. This is due to it having an 8 ester carbon chain as opposed to 7 with Enanthate. That is one difference, the other is that Testosterone Enanthate is a little more potent per mg than Cypionate, just because of the fact that it is 1 atom lighter. The difference in strength is very small (we are talking a few milligrams).

All in all they are very similar with Cypionate being slightly more expensive usually.


iroc is right, there is little difference between the two.

If you are having anxiety symptoms, get your estrogen, cortisol, and thyroid checked...do you have these labs?


For all intents and purposes they're really identical. I doubt that switching esters is your issue.


Thanks for the feedback. VTBalla34, cotisol and thyroid are fine since the last time they were checked. Estrogen, I live in Canada and testing can only tell me its 100 or under, but I am searching to find a lab that can do a sensitive estrogen test. My endo will not give me an aromadise inhibiter to see if it will help because he sees no reason to. I am slender with a muscular build,and he said overweight men will convert more T to estrogen. I would try it to find out if it would help if I can get a doc willing to prescribe it to me.


If you are on TRT, you MUST monitor E2. If you have to do it out of pocket, then do it. That's the only way you'll ever get the ship "righted". The anxiety could very well be E2 related. Your doc is right, fat dudes will convert T > E2 more readily, but we all do it to some extent. If nothing else, you can always get rc AI and monitor yourself.

As others have said, cyp and enan are essentially the same for TRT purposes. I doubt that is your issue.


Enanthate breaks down in around 10 days,cypionate in 14.Twice a week keeps you from having a peak/drop.The rest is pretty much the same.Never heard of it causing anxiety,did that only start on HRT,or before too?Heard of sb having ultra high estrad.,but symptoms were tiredness/depression...