Is Sustanon Commonly Faked?

Does anyone know whether UGL labs just commonly use test C/E instead of actually mixing short esters with long esters? (since it’s so much more convenient I guess and most people wouldn’t notice the difference)
Asking because my doctor switched me from Sustanon to test E since it’s no longer available in my country, and for some reason, my sex drive is just not the same anymore even though I’m at the same testosterone levels I was at on Sustanon.
I seem to do a lot better when there are short esters mixed in (a lot of people with low SHBG like myself tend to agree).

From my experience, barely anyone fakes Test. No matter if cyp, enan or susta. I could name a few reliable UGL labs that make Sustanon, but I don’t want to get banned. C:

Since I’m a nazi and question everyone about it. What was your Susta protocol, your TT, FT, E2 and SHGB on it?

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Yeah I know no one really fakes test, I just thought that may be a lot of UGLs would chuck in some test E in a vial and label it as Sustanon because it would be way more convenient for them (not sure if this is true).
40mg EOD, 1000 TT, Bioavailable T 790 and SHBG ranged between 8-14

My E2 would probably kill me at 20mg EOD. Since i already get sharted on at 100mg of cyp/week with 60pg/ml of E2 day after shot lmao.

Back to the topic, when I was using UGL Susta, I could clearly feel Prop in the blend. So there is that, not sure about other esters. But I don’t think they screw people as much.

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Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Hope long have you been on the new test E?

If you recently switched from sustanon to enanthate, this amounts to a protocol change and levels are in flux. I find I need more enanthate versus cypionate and isn’t a 1:1 dosing.

7mg enanthate doesn’t get me the same levels as 7mg cypionate.

2 months

Yeah I know, is the steroidcalc website a good way to figure out the dosing? Either way my levels are the same as when I was on Sustanon (1000 ng/dl)

Dont have any person experience with counterfeit testosterone preparations, but this is what can be found in the scientific literature

A good review that gets you started:

Musshoff, Daldrup, and Ritsch (1997) analyzed forty-two anabolic steroid products found on the illegal market in Germany. In many cases, cheaper steroidal agents were substituted for labeled drugs. In 2000, Ritsch and Musshoff analyzed German black market steroids. As was similar to the previously mentioned inquiry, they found that fifteen of the forty samples (37.5%) contained a different compound than listed or no pharmacologic agents.
Coopman and Cordonnier analyzed 74 black market pharmaceutical preparations commonly distributed among bodybuilders. Twenty-five of the 74 products did not match their label. Of the 40 oil-based injectable steroids analyzed, the active ingredients in 21 (52.5%) did not match the label, one did not contain an active ingredient, and remaining 20 samples contained other or more active ingredients. In 2012, Pellegrini and colleagues performed toxicological analysis on 15 steroid preparations from the black market. Two of the samples were compliant with their labeling. In the remaining 13 preparations, there was either no active substance or the substance was different from the labeling.
In 2008, Thevis and colleagues analyzed seventy different drugs (steroids) confiscated from house searches. Forty-eight of the seventy samples were steroidal compounds. Seventeen of the 48 samples (35.4%) did not contain the declared ingredients. In most cases the actual content of the drug was a different type of steroid or steroid-blend than the label claimed.
Thirty-five percent (35%) of the products were significantly overdosed. Drugs that exceeded the labeled dosage did so by a range of 102% to 459% as compared to the label. Unidentified steroidal compounds were discovered in approximately 60% of the samples. Most of the unidentified compounds were found to be inert steroid precursors or other intermediary compounds.

Ita appears from the literature that ‘Faked’ Sustanone is frequently only composed of simple esters such as T enanthate.

Where I do have personal and professional experience is in the analysis of counterfeit biologics such as hGH or epo. I am in pharma working in analytics. We frequently get samples that were confiscated for analysis. Basically it confirms the findings described above. Frequently the dose is incorrect, impurities are higher (for example host cells proteins that come from the bacteria used to ‘manufacture’ the drug) and sometimes the identity is wrong.