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is surge dangerouse

i would like to know if surge is dangerouse for a 17 year old that just started lifting. i am 5’9" 130 pounds and despretly need to gain muscle. i am looking for anything that will help. i just started lifting.

Its just carbs and protein

Yes, if you are diabetic. Or suffer from hypoglycemia. If you don’t have any of these conditions then I would say go for it. I wish I had surge when I was 17!!!

Don’t worry about Surge. At 5’9" and 130lbs, you should be more concerned with eating more food.

I imagine a tub of it dropped from 30 feet in the air would be pretty fucking dangerous. Watch out.

And like Patricia said, eat anything that used to move.

it could become dangerous if you get addicted to the sweet angelfood flavor mmmmmm…

Yes, it is very dangerous. Surge is one of the worst bad asses to get mixed up with. It’ll fuck with you and take your girlfriend.

PS, if you are reading this, please return my grandmother’s wheelchair, Surge, no questions asked.

thanx very funny


Just take it per the label instructions.

Lift hard.

Eat more.

Love the gains.

Dan “Wish everything was so simple.” McVicker

No it’s not! It’s a great product.
Check out the article from Berardi:

Very dangerous. Take one wrong dosage and you will get fat and lose all your LBM. And I think your nuts fall off as well. Females could grow nuts as a result. Send all your Surge supply to me for prompt destruction. You’ll thank yourself later, whilst fondling your nuts.