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Is Suppression Better Than Shutdowns?

Hello guys, I have heard test suppressions from certain anabolic is better than test shutdowns because suppression can still have test but shutdowns take time to come back and I want to know whats our take on this?

What have you ‘heard’ only causes a grey area of suppression versus total shut down?

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I heard that test suppression is better than natural testosterone during gear cycle, and also they mention you are much likely to recover faster than total shutdown, enlighten me if im wrong here

Anavar is suppressive. So if you run it for six weeks your natural testosterone will be pretty low. But recovery is easier because your body’s normal mechanisms are still working, just at a much different rate.

Testosterone/nandrolone/et al will cause your HTPA to stop producing testosterone because it believes it is being supplied elsewhere. Recovery is harder because you’re starting at zero (not literally zero; but the effect is the same).

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@iron_yuppie pretty much said it. Outside of low dose var and proviron I don’t know of much that will only cause suppression.

thats why we bringing in clomid and hcgs in the pct game for fast recover

Right, but if you bring in Clomid (which again, Nolva is superior in every way, consider that instead) at the wrong time it’s not helping you. You have to let the esters clear or else you’re just wasting pills.