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Is Superfood a Multi Vitiamin Replacement?


i am due to buy my multi vitiamin. shuold i just buy Superfood instead?


I would. There are several problems with multis...

  1. Bad absorption ... most multis, especially the cheap ones, use too much glue/filler which make them hard to digest. Try this for a test. Put your multis in a glass on vinegar. If it has not fully dissolved in 2 hours, you will not be able to digest it. The acidity of vinegar is roughly that of stomach acid.

  2. Competing vitamins and minerals. A multi, by definition, includes almost all vitamins and minerals. The problem is that a lot of these compete with each other for carriers. So using a multi can actually decrease the absorption of several vitamins or minerals.

  3. Too much of what is not needed, not enough of what is needed.

  4. Overreliance on chemical versions of the vitamins instead of the natural ones.


That info is a given to anyone who does their research,but are you saying there are NO multis you recommend or accept?
I'm thinking say,Solgar VM-75/Omnium, Poliquin Performance or Animal Pak?

I would like to try these,as they appear to have addressed those issues to a certain extent,but currently haven't budgeted for it,and I do plan to try Superfood as well,but I used to take Solgar,and currently just take Centrum Performance,simply because its cheap and widely available,and I like the added ginseng and gingko biloba,a nice addition.


i use Superfood religiously but i also use a multi...i use orthomolecular solutions alpha bases with iron, not your average one a day vitamin and i do feel it makes a big difference.


Animal Pak is fat soluble. This means that leaving them in vinegar will do nothing to them, as Coach said. You must consume some fat when you take your animal pak, otherwise you might as well just stick with superfood.


If you eat plenty of fruits and veggies everyday (which you should be) you don't need Superfood. However, if you don't eat them because you don't like them then I think Superfood is a very good idea. But even when you're trying to lose body fat for example you should be eating plenty of veggies (mainly green), so again there wouldn't be much need to supplement with Superfood.


Just tried the vinegar experiment with some cheap multis i get from waitrose, 240 tablets for £5.

Put 5 in with enough vinegar to just about submerge them and they all went within 20 minutes.

Reckon i'll benefit from them? I know multis seem to get a lot of hate. They're not expensive at all, but is there any point?


many years ago I encapsulated these exact pills in their manufacturing plant in central Wisconsin. The alpha base is quality stuff.