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Is sugar toxic? - 60 minutes


A segment from 60 minutes tonight.



good stuff.

I loved the part where the "sugar guy" tried to say it's all about balance and exercise. WTF is balance/moderation anyways....

Like how they also mentioned small-dense LDL, but they didn't really stress how it's different and not just LDL.


one thing that had me curious. They showed sugars activate the reward centers of the brain and release dopamine. As a result of people's high sugar/hfcs diet, people become desensitized and have to overeat to get the same effects, "causing addiction". My question is is there a relationship between high sugar diets the higher incidences of depression we are seeing today.


Well, if someone consumes a lot of sugar, typically a few things go on.

  1. the sugar calories replace other foods that tend to contain more vitamins/minerals which are important for brain health
  2. sugar is basically an anti-nutrient and can cause depletion of such nutrients above.

makes total sense IMO how a diet with excess sugar can lead to mental disease



the cancer cells shuttling glucose to themselves was pretty interesting as well.


Yeah, though it would have been nice if they pointed out, that all carbs are broken down into sugar. So, a very low-carb diet could be rather beneficial for a cancer patient.

or even a low-carb diet for prevention


lol you just made me think of the sugar lobbyist they interviewed. Deer in headlights.


Dr Barry Sears (of The Zone fame) is convinced of this.


Dr. Sears is the shit. I still think The Zone is one of the better macronutrient breakdowns for hard lifters like us... with some changes.


this was exactly my reaction to the show. I had already cut out added sugar, HFCS, PHVO, and started lifting weights; still fat. Then I read Good Cals Bad Cals, realized it's not just sugar but bread too, and promptly took 4 inches off my waist in 6 months; have kept it off over 2 yrs now.

But 60 minutes ain't exactly "alternative"; they're always covering science/health news purely to say "this will lead to better drugs!". So, Lustig on 60 Mins saying it's sugar not fat? It's a step in the right direction..


I agree. I once contacted Sears about how to apply the Zone to a bodybuilding regimen. He told me to simply add more food blocks as I grow.


It is well accepted in the veterinary world for dog cancer


spot on. It amazes me some rather educated people still cling to the idea that it's just a matter of self-control and calories.


I've been on a 60-100 carbs a day kick (breakfast only) for the past few weeks. Upped my veggie and fatty meat intake as well. At first I felt sluggish and craved carbs all the time, but now I'm focused, clear-headed, and have no carb cravings at all.

Then last weekend my wife and I went out for the day. We went to a Cosi restaurant for cold drinks and I bought a Mojito Ice tea and downed it. Afterward I was shocked to read the nutrition info and it read there were 70 grams of carbs in it... from high fructose corn syrup! The carb cravings returned with a vengeance that night and it took the entire next day to get that feeling to go away.


This book by David Kessler, The End of Overeating covers this very well.

Foods that are deemed more "palatable" by the food industry are foods that people want to KEEP eating, or can't put down. Usually they are high in sugar, fat, and salt.

I think this explains why I've been more successful just eliminating some foods, rather than trying to eat them in moderation. We all know that it's very hard to stop at just one, or even one handful. Most packaged snack foods are engineered that way, and they do "rewire" our brain chemistry which further stacks the deck against us.

About carb and sugar cravings, I really notice that if I have something full of sugar and fat, it's MUCH harder to adhere to my diet for about two days afterward. I'm better off staying away from the typical "cheat meal".


i was kinda confused on the cancer shuttling glucose to themselves via insulin receptors. Glucose is very good for you. It essentially powers you. Are they saying insulin spikes caused by excess sugar create insulin receptors in tumors, then the receptors on tumors shut off when we eat whole food like nuts or veggies? Doesn't make too much sense. You have glucose in your system regardless of whether you eat good or bad food. Otherwise we wouldn't survive.


I like this thread. Isn't anything bad in the body caused by inflammation? I have read that the liver processes mainly 4 off things. Amino acids, trans fats, alcohol and fructose. Three of these are becoming and already known to cause problems. Should we be minimizing all but protein going through the liver?
In the body doesn't inflammation occur in anything distressed.
There is obviously more to this but since I have eliminated fructose and also gluten my body feels good. I am actually hungry and it feels like my body need nutrients and isn't just desensitized from inflammation.


I remember reading about how food manufactures spent millions on finding THE most addictive ratio of salt:sugar:fat.


Yeah, I read the book. Was an ok read.