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Is Squatting Even Necessary?


For those of use who don’t need to compete in the squat, are there any benefits of squatting that Single-Leg training doesn’t give you as well?

Im not really qualified to answer but I’m gonna day heck no. There are multiple ways to build big juizy legs without squatting

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Any benefits what so ever or specifically any advantage over single-leg training with regards to building muscle?

If it’s the former, having the courage to put a ton of weight on your back, sit down, stand up and then doing it again is not a quality I’ve found is something single-leg training exercises because of the reduced load.

If it’s the latter, arguably a heavy back squat will stress your supporting musculature more, specifically your core. The abdominals and your spinal erectors ability to keep your spine from buckling under the weight is going to be challenged to a greater degree.

And maybe, a corollary of this

that is not written out in the article could be that the hormonal response to a regular, two-legged, squat is greater.

Also, I’ve never heard anyone ask “how much do you Split-Squat?” but I have heard “how much do you squat?”

Looking more for benefits of squatting over single leg

I agree. At the same time I wonder if that’s because very few of us push it hard. The S+C at University of Minnesota allegedly had his shotputters Single-Leg 700 pounds eccentrically

True, the bracing requirement is intense. What do you think the transfer to sports/life is from that?

But imagine a world where they did :open_mouth:

Nah not necessary. Single leg work is pretty good. At the top end might be hard to load up single leg work in a squat pattern. Single leg has plenty of pros around hip and knee control and work.

Most I’ve used for split squats is 1 plate and balance is iffy sometimes on my weaker less coordinated side. I don’t think taking a tumble with weight on back is gon be fun.

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Definitely more safety concerns with loading up

That’s with rear foot stabilising too. I’ve seen a vid of Clarence Kennedy and crew doing pistol squats with decent weight

Recently saw a strength coach (forgot his name) true Single-Leg squat 80kg. I’ve seen one of DeFranco’s guys reverse lung e180 (what the f*ck!) And Zercher pistol squat 120 to a box

Lunges are aight but go with the longer ROM variations. Loading up is for back squat. On lunges ur back leg is gonna be loaded up and your body is going to move to make things easier like leaning forward

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I think the same advice for squatting applies: add load when your form is perfect.

The feats I mentioned above were all performed with crisp technqiue

I dunno brah that’s a big if. For quads I’d go single leg press. Squats hit other muscles too I guess

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Fuck it. Post meet I’m gonna try use single-leg as my main indicator lifts and bilaterals as assistance. I’ve already been thinking about this for some of the rugby players I train


1A. Box Jump: 8 x 2
1B. Upper Back: 4 x 10-20
1C. Triceps: 4 x 10-20

  1. Bench Variation: 5RM + 2 x 8 @ 80%

3A. Single-Leg: 4 x 6-10
3B. Row: 4 x 10-15

4A. Biceps: 15, 12, 10, 8
4B. Shrugs: 20, 15, 12, 10


1A. Med Ball Throw: 8 x 2
1B. Single-Leg RDL’s: 4 x 6-8
1C. Long-Lever Planks: 4 x 20s

  1. Trap Bar DL: 3RM + 2 x 6 @ 80%

3A. Loaded Carry: 4 x 40-80m
3B. Pull-Ups: 4 x 6-12

4A. Upper Back: 20, 15, 12, 10
4B. DB Shoulder Press: 15, 12, 10, 8

I’ll expand it to 3-4 days but it’s worth a shot

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Single leg too much cheaty and doesn’t train the torso with brutal weights like bilateral movement

But loaded carries though

Does make strong. High fatigue cost with axial loading. Not sure if worth in the context of rest of training

All true stuff. Personally, I do see the benefit so in a way it could be beneficial to minimise squatting if maximising loaded carrying

Might be something there not sure. I’m just projecting I guess. More movements is just a pain if one can do what u want

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Yeah totally man, cheers for the input

Nothing is true: everything is permitted.


The body responds to stimulus and you can use a much greater “stimulus” with back squat. Single leg training your legs shouldnt be the limiting factor. Well then why not a Hack Squat? Well because the body isnt really moving/controlling the weight and it kind of knows that.

I wouldnt say Squats are necessary but they are optimal. What degree of optimization you are giving up would depend on what you are doing in place of them.

Awesome, we expect a follow up thread.

And I didnt realize you were talking about Squatting from a performance perspective in which case I think that single leg work wont hold a candle to heavy squats. I was just talking about getting bigger muscles.

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