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Is SquatDr a Fraud?


As I'm sure most of you have heard, there is a white guy on this forum who posts under the name "SquatDr", he inspires many with his claims of a 50" standing vert and 55.5" running vert, but does recent evidence prove him to be a fraud?


Is SquatDr a fraud? You decide.


airjoner got hopz


Fuck me. Someone just have too much spare time. That time could be used to improve ones own abilities to perform in sports.

Provided this dude really is a cheater, who does he fool? As far as I can see, only himself.

Anyway, if you perform over average in anything in life, there will be people accusing you of virtually anything you can be accused of.

Just ignore the haters and move on.

-- stallion


I don't really care that much, but i've enjoyed some of his words on training philosophy. It's apparent to me that he is well over a forty inch VJ and that he is very athletic, so why would he need to lie about a few extra inches?

Regardless, he has never come off as a showy personality to me, he has merely answered questions about himself when asked. Besides, the only reason anyone would want to prove him wrong is because their insecure about their own abilities.

Let the man be, and if he is a fraud he'll be the one looking for attention.


The difference between 40+ and 50+ is huge. It's like claiming a 9.7 100m vs claiming a 10.5 100m.


What I'm saying is the man can clearly Jump! He is definitely over a 45 VJ for sure. Why quarrel over what could only be a few inches difference? Give him some credit.


I'm just glad that you clarified that he was a white guy.


If he's lying why give him credit at all?


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Am I supposed to know who this guy is?



His that guy who could jump high.


Michael "Wild Thing" Wilson?

Oh wait, this is a white guy, right? Good thing the OP pointed that out.


Jesus, that poster on that other forum has a serious mancrush on that guy.


I haven't really looked at too much of this, but is the argument about whether he is world class or....world class? I mean, why is this a big enough deal to bring it on here? What...does he only squat 3x bodyweight and have a 40 inch vertical jump? I guess I'll wait to call this stupid until I've read more.


that thread was very suprising. i tend to want to believe ppl with their verts but everyone seems to be inflating them so it gets hard to do that. he's def. got a 40+/44+ standing/running vert but i doubt it's 50/55.5 so he def. inflated it (until i c a vid of him actually doing it). still tho, a 44+ in. running vert means he would be right up there in the nba for the top verts which is great.

if adarqui reads this it seems like we both agree that he's inflating his numbers but what would u think his actual vert is?


Even if it was just a 44+ he would probably not be up there, but be the highest jumping player in the NBA.


pretty far from a man crush..

on that note, i do have a man crush on lance armstrong, frank yang, t-dub, area51, golden child, usain bolt, dallas robinson, and possibly twhite he's pretty impressive.

edit: oops i forgot manny pacquiao.

i like megan fox and adriana lima more though.


i don't think his standing vert would even break 40.. i have not seen one thing that indicates he is capable of it.. i tend not to believe his 50/55.5 pictures, since he can't legitimize them with video (that he claims he has)..

i'd say he's sub 40 on standing vert and anywhere from 40-45 on his running.. probably around 42".

the different between say, 38" SVJ / 44" RVJ and 50" SVJ / 55.5" RVJ is astronomical.. when you basically claim stats > 99.9999% of the human population, then use it as advertising on your site, you better have have legitimate video to prove it.

that's my opinion..

i don't want to post alot in this thread, but since you specifically asked me a question i thought i'd respond.. if coolcolj or dan1990 decide on posting then you'll probably see me posting alot.



matrick, that's very true. i've heard of some 44's but not sure how accurate that is (lebron, nate, james white has to be 44+, gerald green, maybe others) i'm not for sure but i'd have to say the only player i no that should have a 44 in. running vert would be nate robinson i couldn't c it bein lower than that so squat dr would still be in very elite company.


wtf, right?