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Is Spike Still Sold at Wal-Mart?

I’ve been out of Spike for a while and missing it, so I went in to check at a few local Walmart and Target stores and there was no Spike to be found (seems like I saw it at Target before, but I could be wrong). Not even an empty placeholder next to the version of HOT-ROX they sell.

I’ll order from here, but I was wondering if Walmart stopped selling it, Biotest stopped selling it through Walmart, or if Walmart is simply out of stock…

I kind of liked the convenience, so that’s why I ask. Gracias!

Not sure about Wal-mart, but the three Targets in my area all keep it in stock.

Actually, i’ve never seen it in Walmart, but I probably just wasn’t looking closely enough.

You could ask the management, see if it’s still in the system…no ideas other than that.

Good luck in your search.


I just ordered some here so I could try out the new recipe, but I’ll have to look around and see if the old or the new is anywhere else around my area.

I just thought it odd that it was suddenly gone from the shelves.

I know Walgreens and GNC have it, but I don’t usually shop at those stores.

I was kinda curious about that too. It just seemed to be gone one day.

I actually bought a box at Walmart maybe twoo weeks ago for $7. It’s marked down several times and on a clearance rack. My guess is that they aren’t selling Spike at Walmart anymore becuase it wasn’t on the shelf, but HOT-ROX and a few other products were.

Still no comment from the Mods or anyone else in the know?

I was surprised to see it at Wallyworld in the first place, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see it go.

I found Spike in my local Wal-Mart last night. Had to look closely for it, but it was there.

My local wal-mart no longer carries it. I did manage to pick up three boxes on clearance, but thats about it. I asked the manager and he said wal mart no longer carries it, it may be a regional thing however.

Target you guys say carries it? That would be useful there is one by me as well.


Anyone? what gives? Is this a permanent thing or a transition period to give Spike Shooters a chance to get a market foothold?

Walgreens has it, but not as cheap as wal-mart i think. My wal-mart quit carrying it also.