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Is Soy Lethicin Bad?

I’ve heard all of the crap about soy protein supplements and soy protein diets. Is there enough soy lethicin in whey protein supps and everyday foods to take effect?

No I believe Soy Lethicin is the seperater used in the products to stop clumping.

I meant to say Soy Lethicin acts as an emulsifier. (won’t let me edit previous post yet.)

Ya it is, but regardless its still soy. It’s basically a small amount that they use to chemically act as an emulsifier. I’m just wondering that in that concentration if it can effect test levels. I doubt it but lemme know.

Soy lecithin is an entirely different substance than soy protein. The bad stuff is in the soy protein. Soy lecithin can actually be beneficial since it contains phosphatidylcholine which is part of every cell membrane in your body.