Is soy flour and soya bean oil bad?

I’ve wondered for some time if soy flour contains the phytoestrogens damaging to men? All white bread contains soy flour, and not once have I read anything bad about bread other then it’s high GI and II. I have searched alot for this, and have never had it answered.

Secondly when a product says it has vegetable oil in it, does this always refer to soyabean oil. If so, is soyabean oil bad? I eat tuna in oil and the oil is soya bean.

By the way, I have searched the forum for the answers to these questions, specifically finding no answer to the soy flour question.

Dude I hope not cause my chili paste is mixed with soyabean oil. Never even thought about.

I don’t know about ALL white bread having soy flour, but I do know that soy flour is probably very bad for muscle gains. Besides the phytoestrogens, it has protease inhibitors, which basically stop the breakdown of protein in the body into usable amino acids. You have to heat soy flour I think to around 130 degrees Celsius to get rid of them. Soybean oil doesn’t seem as bad as other soy products but probably does retain some of the soy toxins. I would stay away from it in tuna. I think vegetable oil is usually mostly corn oil.

Thanks, but what I don’t understand is why no one points out the soy flour in most breads. Guese it’s just another reason to stay away from crappy processed breads.

Also one that’s confused me, is all [hydrolised] vegetable protein the same as soy protein?

It’s annoying, all cheap (student) foods contain crap soy fillers in them nowadays.