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Is Something Wrong With My Bloodwork?



I’m a 24yo male, 180lbs, lean, former nationally ranked powerlifter who’s never used AAS. My diet isn’t anything unusual, I eat my fish and veggies, oats, eggs, bread, meat and occasional junk food.

-Raynaud’s syndrome (pretty aggressive case)
-chronic muscle pain

  • low libido
  • zero cold tolerance
  • occasional rosacea/butterfly
  • depression

Sometimes I feel awesome… but a majority of the time I feel like a beat up sloth in cognitive decline.

My morning temp yesterday:
97.1 F at 8am
96.8 around 10am

Morning temp today:
95.2 (I retested several times), and feel cold as frozen hell.

My Bloods (if two values are given, it’s from last year + current):

WBC - 7.1, 6.7 [4.0 - 10.0]
RBC - 4.89, 4.75 [4.2 - 5.4]
Hemoglobin 145, 147 [135-170]
Hematocrit 0.44 [0.4-0.5]
MCV 90 [82-98]
MCH 29.7, 30.9 [27.5-33.5]
MCHC 331, 348 [300-370]
RDW 13.7, 13.0 [11.5-14.5]
Platelet Count 240, 210 [150-400]

Neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils, granulocytes immature… all within range.

Ferritin 116, 147, 100 [24-444]

*Glucose Fasting 5.5 [3.6-5.5]
*Creatinine 112, 125, 127, 148 [45-110]
*eGFR 80, 70, 68, 57
Total Protein 76 [60-80]
*Albumin 51 [35-50]
*Alkaline Phosphatase 29 [40-145]
Bilirubin 7 [<17]
Gamma GT 10,10,12 [<49]
ALT 25, 23, 40 [<50]

TSH 1.6, 2.18, 1.84
Thyroperoxidase Ab 9 [<35]
Note - Insurance won’t cover full thyroid panel.

Testosterone 330, 505, 645 ng/dl
Note - low test was when I had bulked and got fat and was lifting heavy 4-5x/week.

IgA - 1.18 [0.7 - 4.0]
C-Reactive Protein - <0.3
Nuclear Ab + Pattern = Neg
Rheumatoid Factor <10 (Neg)
TTG Ab IgA <0.5 [12.0]

Doc sent me to a rheum due to my fatigue and butterfly rash/rosacea. I cancelled that due to the low likelihood of autoimmune disease.

I just want to get back to slinging dick and feeling good guys. It’s been so many years. Thanks for checking in :slight_smile:


No one is concerned with your increasing creatinine and decreasing Glomerular Filtration Rate?


Ah, thanks for the reminder. I had an ultrasound done. And urinalysis is fine.

I had these symptoms long before the strange kidney tests. But, I plan to retest creatinine soon.


Thyroid is wrong.

  • Do you use iodized salt to support thyroid hormone production? -timeline
  • Are your outer eyebrows sparse? How long? Find old photos?
  • Cold - YES
  • Thyroid looks/feels enlarged, lumpy?
  • Sore? Trouble swallowing sometimes?
  • See last paragraph in this post to eval overall thyroid function.

Do you get leg cramps? That would be a sign of magnesium deficiency that can also affect muscle tone of arterial muscles and might be a factor with your circulatory issues,

RBC and HTC reflect your low T.

In USA? In most States you can order your own labs for a low cost.

At your age, low T is the symptom, not the disease. You need labs to try to find the problem(s). We do see a pattern of low-T and low thyroid function here that suggests a connection.

When did things seem to start going wrong? Is that when you started to feel cold? Any blows to the head that might have set this in motion?

Where are you located? Affects your treatment and diagnostic options.


fasting cholesterol - sometimes too low

List all meds, Rx or OTC that you have been using or used when creatinine=148, the pattern also appears progressive.

Do you use any heart burn medications?

What supplements are you using?
Fish oil for EFAs?

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.


@KSman Great to hear from you!

  • I’m from Canada, so salt is generally iodized. I have never completely avoided salt, nor have symptoms significantly changed based on increased or decreased salt intake. I went lower carb for a while (paleo) and just felt like shit more… that’s the only thing that made a significant difference.

  • Outer eyebrows are fine.

  • Thyroid shape is fine; it’s not enlarged or lumpy. No swallowing issues or soreness.

  • No symptom change with magnesium supplementation, and it has always been a plentiful part of my diet. No leg cramps.

  • I have always felt more cold than others since I can remember. But, my increased fatigue & other issues have worsened since about 2 years ago. Come to think of it… the only significant factor could be that I have been under several periods of extreme stress between the age of 18-23. I don’t know what to think of “adrenal fatigue” considering most science disagrees. But, I’d be the typical “adrenal fatigue” subject due to my periods of high stress and chronic pain issues.

I haven’t used any meds recently. Not a drinker, never even pop a tylenol.
When creatinine was 148, I believe I was taking a B-Complex, Magnesium, Fish Oil, Vitamin D (2000-3000iu), Zinc. I only take Vitamin D + Fish Oil now.

At this point I will run the TT, FT, E2, Prolactin, LH/FSH labs. I will have to pay private for these as medical won’t cover it. I also want to check cortisol. My cholesterol was fine last time I checked. Also, will drop into the clinic in the next few days to get my creatinine + TT + TSH checked again (these are covered).

Thanks KSman.


Please get the body temps. That is the bottom line for thyroid function.


Sunday 8:30am - 97.1
Sunday 11am - 96.8

Monday 7:30am - 95.2
Monday 4pm 98.6

Tuesday 8am - 97.6
Tuesday 7pm - 97.4

Not a ton of data, but reflects how cold I feel. Only time I felt warm today was after a nap.


Temperatures are a bit unsteady. Technique? Indoors, resting, not eating, drinking or talking for a while?

Some temperature unsteadiness can be from cortisol issues.

Cortisol lab should be “AM cortisol”, done at 8 AM if possible. Try to arrive calm and collected, not pissed off about traffic.


I always take my temperature indoors. No eating or drinking. I even keep my mouth closed for 5 minutes beforehand, and keep the thermometer well under my tongue for 4+ minutes. It’s definitely unsteady, but I can normally feel when I’m significantly cold. That 95.2 reading I repeated twice, and felt terrible at the time.

Okay, thanks for cortisol advice.


You might find Wilson’s book on adrenal fatigue interesting.
So you read the thyroid basics sticky re that and stress factors?