Is Some Cracking OK On Bench?

While benching my left shoulder always cracks, it only happens when i get about an inch away from my chest, that’s when it cracks.

I was always doing floor presses until now so i never had the “issue”

No pain, it’s just a faint cracking noise in my weaker arm. Never hurts, very quiet.

Do i have to worry?

I arch slightly and push with my feet to drive my upper back into the bench more, it also helps keep my traps depressed and i keep shoulders together. nothing more i can do there, it’s just something that happens from the lower range of motion. ill test it with a 45lb barbell and see what happens, ill see if it makes the noise with light weight.

it’s probably not ideal, but the general rule is that if there’s no pain then there’s nothing to worry about.

Does it happen on all your reps or just until you’ve warmed up?

My shoulders snap, crackle and pop like Rice Krispies, and have done so my entire life, but I wouldn’t be asking the ether. It probably would’t hurt to let your ortho know about your concerns. Then again, it takes quite a bit for me to visit my doc.

The arm may be Weak because your shoulder position is slightly off.

You may be able to get one of your Bros to watch you bench, and see if you’re shrugging or rolling that shoulder, or doing something weird.

Also, rows. Make sure your shoulders are level and doing the same thing when you row. You might even get your Bro to poke you in the mid-back, to make sure that cranky shoulder is actually doing what you think its doing.

Take a minute to make sure things are right.

This stuff is really boring and whack. But you’re a young dude, so you can fix things quickly. If you just ignore it, then do 10, 000 poor reps in the bench press, it’s going to be very, very hard to change.

meh. maybe. depends on what’s actually going on. My ankles pop literally every time i go up or downstairs, and a lot of times just from walking. this has been the case since i was a child. I have taken many, many steps in my life without this being a problem. my wrists do the same thing. involuntary pops all day everyday. So if the shoulder thing actually IS an issue, I agree, he should try to, and be able to, fix it. But it could also be something like my joints, which clearly aren’t fixable, and also aren’t a real problem.

Yes, it could absolutely be nothing. Hopefully it is nothing, like your popping ankles.

But one arm being “weaker” is a sign that the popping shoulder could be something.

every rep, even if light like 95lbs ( i work with 135)

when i adjust my elbow flare (more is less popping, but it happens regardless) it changes slightly. It never goes away though. Doesn’t matter where, if i flare it or tuck it in (both i know are bad) or neutral. the more tucked in the more it happens.

sorry im so late.

When doing pause reps ill go down slowly, and i try to feel when it happens. it happens like an inch off my chest, and sometimes ill be paused, and it hasnt clicked yet and while im not moving itll suddenly do that small pop, like atendon is going over the bone or something quickly and making the noise.