Is Social Media Causing Lifting Injuries?

Here are the results of a poll we conducted on Instagram. Is this the result of social media silliness causing real-world harm? Are some “influencers” bad influences?

The Instagram crowd mostly blamed the kid, but a few felt sorry for him and blamed the “influencers” who inspired it. What do you think?



He should try it on a skateboard next time and post it to the internet for likes.


I am against the modern way of viewing things and this new trend to see people as such fragile creatures that can be influenced to do anything in every way possible.
In my backwards country they dont legalize gay couples and they cant adopt children because the popular belief is that kids seeing gay couples for parents will turn out gay even tho evidence shows all gay people were born to hetero couples, lol.
Nowdays they ban everything for kids to not get bad influence. I remember watching WcW when i was a kid. It was all huge tits, asses, steroids and blood. Look at what wrestling is now. No Bra And Panties matches, no swear words, barelly any steroids - boring if u ask me.
Movies suck compared to the ones they made in 80s.
But hey… did my generation grew up worse? Sure we smashed chairs on each other after watching wrestling, but come on… I think if a person is stupid enough to attempt a Jackie Chan scene, he will find a way to die even if u ban all the Jackie Chan movies.

As a self defense instructor i have this hobby of knowing much too much about serial killers, rapists and maniacs. What i always liked about studying their past is that there is no common type of their childhood. Some come from a fucked up family and have been abused but some come from the perfect American family and have college degrees. So basically a serial killer can come from any type of enviroment. So does prostitutes. Some actually have money and just rebel against their parents. Some are just sick sluts. Some do need money for drugs.

What im saying is - technically the influence is there but if people were so easily influenced, we could just force everyone to watch National Geographic chanels and everyone would be a scientist? No it doesnt work that way. Even tho the influence is there, people CHOSE what influence will influence them. Some will use internet for child pornography but some will study and help humanity. All options are open but the individual is the one who picks, so no… i dont agree that some influences can do a bad influence. Its a shit person that picked this influencer to influence him in the first place.


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Yes, and it has a far greater reach than lifting alone, but I’ll stay on subject.

Yeah, most of them. There are some good ones out there though…

These are the same enablers that let the last two generations get away with participation trophies.

To what extent are we okay with shirking personal responsibility? If people are this easily manipulated, I’d hate to see what the Church of Scientology would do with them.

Whoops, I said I was going to stay on topic :grimacing:

P.S I can’t seem to watch the video. Says browser does not support Codex - attempted with Chrome, Edge and also tried downloading… nada. @T_Nation


I think we had this sort of thing far before millennials or even Gen X. Mr. Rodgers was saying everyone was special just for being who they are in the 60s (maybe late 50s?).

I think that type of stuff isn’t to blame for the ills it gets blamed for. There are so many things that have changed over the previous decades in regards to a child’s experience that I think putting the blame on participation trophies, or similar seems a bit out there to me. I mean I grew up with participation trophies (actually they were ribbons IME), we would joke about it. “Matt did really well, he got a ribbon. Yeah, a participation ribbon haha”.

Edit: I also couldn’t watch the video

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Working fine for us, but you can also watch it here: T Nation Instagram

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You mean to tell me that a sweater-vest wearing, soft spoken individual was a nurture-over-nature type person? I’m shocked

I remember my parent’s stressing the importance of not trusting what you see on the internet at a fairly young age. Why do you think this fool decided to blindly trust an influencer? I’m not so sure that personal responsibility was imparted upon him by his parents…

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IDK, I did plenty of stupid things before social media was a big thing.

To me, this looks like something someone would have tried long ago, they just wouldn’t have recorded it, because they didn’t have a camera on their phone.

We were doing hands free back squats and other stupid things back in high school. I got up to around 40 mph on a skate board behind my buddies car as well (might have been 30 mph, but it sure felt fast as shit once I got speed wobbles). Skate boarded off my parents roof with some buddies. I am sure there are all sorts of things like this if I think about it long enough. Didn’t see anything on the internet to get me to do that dumb stuff.

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I had to hunt it up on IG the first time you posted it. Not working with Chrome

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I dunno man, people have been dumb long before the internet came along. I myself have been being dumb since the early 90s.

Edit: what @mnben87 said


Social media is causing lifting injuries in the same way spoons are causing obesity.


Video should work for all browsers now. Thanks for pointing that out.


Thank you for fixing it!

This kid 100% deserved it. Doesn’t take someone of above-average intelligence to figure out why that went south; he did it for likes, and to be fair - I enjoyed it.

Honestly, this just looks like functional training. When I’m out with my kids, usually my 4 y/o is hanging onto my neck. It’s good practice for picking things up at store while kid is hanging on.

I mean, the ox lift is a legit lift

I’m actually thinking about hitting it up soon, since my tricep/shoulder/lat tear limits my ability to load my arms but not my back.

But that kid was using a poorly designed SSB. The camber didn’t have the weight in the right spot.

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Looks to me like the bar’s upside-down, too.

I think “teenagers maxing out random lifts to try and impress one another” is an inevitability that exists independent of social media.


Yes… but two things.

  1. People have always done stupid shit in the gym before social media, social media just magnifies it.


  1. I loved the video of Juji and Szat going for the bazooka world record.

That could be the issue entirely. Something is causing it to not fall forward.

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Watching the video closely, looks like you’re bang on. Good catch.