Is Skipping/Jump Rope a Detriment to Recovery While Maintaining Mass?

I’m losing weight for the first time in my life. I like the idea of when on the dog walks just stopping for 5mins occasionally and doing a bit of jump rope. Nothing majorly intense, just a way to hopefully increase my conditioning a little bit and something to add a bit of variation. Otherwise, i’m thinking of a weighted vest but like the idea of a skipping rope because of how cheap they are and the something new element.

Will it be too heavy on my joints and affect squats the next day for example? Or is it low steady state/low intensity enough to be a good thing to add in?

The genuine answer: it depends. I don’t remember your weight.

No offense, but you are racking up quite the thread count that follow along a similar vein. Create a training log.

More general advice: don’t do everything at once. Start with the walks and the weighted vest. Maybe keep your jump rope for when the weather is shit and if someone else walked your dog. And don’t start jumping with a weighted vest if you haven’t jumped rope in the past.


If its low intensity, steady state then 5 minutes isn’t making any impact at all. I think the weight vest is a better idea for adding on dog walks.

That depends on how heavy you are, and how bad your joints are.

If you want to increase conditioning, many on this site have had success with burpees. No real barrier for entry there, no equipment, no big demands on joints, just lots of suffering.

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Burpees it is for now then.

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Only think, in my experience, jump rope might really affect is calf training. But that might get you better calves.