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Is Skim Milk + Greek/Skyr Yogurt Just as Good as Casein Protein?

I’ve read a lot about the negative impacts of caesin protein on your long-term health. I’m also not keen on buying yet another supplement. I’ve also read that you can replace your pre-bed protein shake with Greek yogurt or Skyr (fat and sugar free) and milk. Any downsides to this? Any pluses? Better alternatives? I’ll get the Caesin if it’ll really help. I’d love to hear thoughts.

It’s found in milk and milk products. So you are fine.

Read up on TC’s article on protein.

You may want to do some research on cottage cheese. I believe it is also a good source.

Serious question… How does anyone eat cottage cheese? Looks like someome anemic had the runs in a bowl and tastes about the same…

I grew up eating it, so I don’t mind it. But, it’s not for everybody. I feel that way about Quinoa. I don’t give a shit how good it is for you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Cottage cheese is the best. Here are some of my favorite CC meals!

  1. Standard cottage cheese with whey, sometimes raw nuts mixed in or put 'em in the nut crusher and sprinkle on top.
  2. Cottage cheese, MD protein (chocolate is my fav), cut up a little fruit, some natural creamy PB, put it all together in the freezer for an hour, amazing.
  3. Cottage cheese makes for a thick and creamy shake in the blender, try it instead of greek yogurt.
  4. For a non-sweet variety, take cottage cheese, some chicken breast or ground turkey, cut up tomato and broccoli, put all together and microwave for a few minutes. Add salt and garlic powder. CC gets all melty, so good!
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Haha, I know quite a few people who feel this way about cottage cheese. Personally, I love it. I could sit down and eat a tub of it no problem at all. I like putting a cup of cottage cheese on a bowl of spinach and eating it as-is for a snack.