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Is She Hot Enough to Be This Dumb?


My brain hurts.


This is part of why you shouldn't live in Alberta.


I have decided that this is not a sign of the coming apocalypse but an opportunity.

We should get her and Krugman together and see if they get along.

The goal would be to create the most clueless, best paid and good looking people possible,



If you give her a shiny bauble she might have sex with you?

However I am coming around to a hardcore AC stance, my seed needs to be protected.

If I have to choose, my offspring will not be part of the Eloi.


Everyday the Onion's job is getting more and more difficult.


I bet she looks good pregnant.




I think she is right. Gold will not be here a year from now while there will be much more Federal Reserve backed "Dollars" for us to "invest" in.

The circular logic is impressive



No way are you ever hot enough to be that dumb. Let's put it this way--I'm not a one night stand sort of guy at all, but if I were....well, I would not able to stand talking to you long enough to enjoy looking at you and taking you home. That's the power of stupidity.

I require some brains on my women.


That can be tasty...


I have the standard, need to be able to sit across the table and have a conversation.


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She is right. It's a poor analogy and poor word choice, but the conclusion is correct. Many investors are afraid of gold. You'd like to compare it to a commodity but unfortunately investors can't even do that. Gold's useful value is a fraction of what it's current value in this bubble is. It basically comes down to this, would you rather invest in the future prosperity of the U.S., or people's continued affinity for shiny objects? Given just those choices and the current prices of each, the dollar seems pretty reasonable to me, especially over the one year timeline she mentions. Bottom line is this: gold's in a bubble and the dollar is still the safest investment in the world based on a one year time line.




Gold (actually gold ETF)


That is basically my POV.

It is just when I have to choose between human nature and politicians doing the right thing.....


Also, she is not right.

Dollars are not backed by the FED, the government but by the peoples belief that it is worth anything.

The very second they lose that, Bernanke can go fly a kite.


Semantics. I know your opinions on fiat money and I know you understand it all very well, but the point being made by the reporter, and I definitely agree with it, is that the dollar is a much safer haven over the next year than gold.

You can talk about distrust in politicians and the government all you want and I'm not going to argue with you, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself is a collapse of the dollar over the next year really all that likely? And whether you think it is or not the facts are that the vast majority of investors do not believe so, and that alone will keep the value of the dollar relatively steady. The same cannot be said about gold at its current price.


Ah, but we do not know when the dollar will collapse and that could happen any second.

When you believe that the dollar is coming down eventually, what does it matter what happens to gold in the next year?

In one year, or two, or five it will become painfully apparent that the US will never repay its dept and then gold will necessarily skyrocket.

Gold is not so much an investment but a hardcore, the line must be drawn here, hedge.

I prefer real estate, but then again it is hard to cross a border with one or two apartments shoved up your butt.