Is she faking?

I asked that girl who’s in one of my classes who drinks that green stuff about her routine because she’s kind of buff. She does the usual bodypart stuff, but when she was telling me, she’d say things like ‘I do the one where you go like this (makes a curling motion) & the one where you go like this (makes a seated tri ext motion)’ & stuff like that. Then she asked me about my routine & I said I do power snatches/snatch pulls on one day & power cleans on another day, etc & sort of showed her & she knew what I meant. Did she act dumb (eg. not knowing what a curl was) because she thinks thaat she won’t be attractive if she sounds like she knows what she’s talking about or did she really not know? I sort of wonder because she’s got arms bigger some guys’ & she said that glutamine was in that green stuff, so how could she not know what an arm curl is? I know some girls act dumb sometimes because they think guys don’t like smart girls is that what she’s doing?

Maybe she thought it would be way over your head, because she couldn’t tell if you lifted!:wink: Just bustin’ ya!! Hey, who knows what she was thinking – maybe she wasn’t at all. Maybe she just wants you. You could just try asking her.

I’m guessing she was afraid of intimidating you. Some buff girls don’t want to act too buff. She was being coy. Probably didn’t want to scare you off.

I totally agree with Heb, she definitely knows her stuff but does not want you to think she’s weird or anything. Just think what other “ordnary” women think of her and her arms and what they say behind her back… which brings me to my question, exactly how big is she?

She’s definitely got some muscle & it shows through all her clothes. She’s not so big though that girls call her a freak behind her back, more like they admire her because she’s in such good shape. When she takes her sweatshirt off it pulls up the shirt underneath & shows her 6 pack (& almost her sports bra) ;}

Is she an athlete at the college there? Could be she gets told and shown how to lift then they give her green stuff. Gives you another question to ask.

I think she’s just into fitness. I said I like to work my grip/forearms then she said she gets enough of that from climbing she does once a week. The rest of the time she cycles, swims & lifts. She didn’t say anything about competing.

Maybe she just has unusually good genetics.

HEY IRONBABE! how are ya???

Anyway, she may not be 'faking' exactly, but at the same time most guys find women who lift intimidating. By feeling you out (so to speak *grin*) she can see if you're gonna get weirded out that she knows her shit.

Is this girl good looking? Maybe go for her instead of that bus stop that hasn’t given you the time of day for what, two years? Just lookin’ out. peace.

Ok this girl is built a tiny bit bigger than Lita (WWF Lita) but her face isn’t super excellent.

Any woman who acts dumb because she thinks that men don’t like smart girls, is STUPID.

If she is not too big, you should definitely make a move, even if she does not have a great face, I hope she is not manly or anything. You know, make a move, see how that fit body feels and if it feels that good that it makes you foget about the crappy face, then everything great. If not, well move on to the next one…

Hey Michelle. I’m back. I’ve been gone for a while because I took a job in IS security, but I stopped after four months. My love is in fitness and I’m just not happy in the corporate world. Luckily I have the luxury of being fickle until I figure out what I want to do with my life since my hubby supports us well. Anyway - send me an e-mail to the old ironbabe e-mail address. Things are changing with my e-mail and I want to keep you up to date. I’d hate to miss out on any of the “gang” info. Good to talk to ya again.