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Is She After Me?

T-Maggers…here is one for all the vixen t-maggers…I have been a dedicated bb’er for about three years…currently 190 at around 8%bf…Now, I work out at a college gym (I am 24) becuase I work at the college. Since september this one chick seems like she is always looking at me/gawking at me…she asked me to adjust the ab machine foot pedal for her once and we had a social convo, but nothing more…didn’t even exchange names…another funny thing she does is always stand directly in front of me (when we are both in the gym) when i am doing squats on the smith machine so that she blocks my view of the mirror…now this girl is very fit and a gym regular so you would think she know i am using the mirror…well the final piece of info is that she told her x-boyfried that I asked her out for coffee when I in fact never did…apparently they had just broken up (he broke up with her) and I am sure she was using me to make him jealous (which probably worked becuase he confronted me at a party)…

Now my question is this…You would think the girl is attracted to me becuase she said that wouldn’t you?..she seems like a decent girl, studious, smart, into her fitness, and I am sure she was emotionally wracked when her x broke it off…they had been dating some time, but apparently he is an asshole…now should i really ask her out for coffee?..vixen t-maggers what are your thoughts?

Hold it here. Did you just say that you squatted on a smith machine? Do yourself a favor and stay away from that thing. You can hurt yourself. Oh, if you like chick, I don’t see anything wrong in asking her out for coffee.

Ask her out already! If you don’t, someone else will. Most of my relationships, I found out later were already scoped out by the women. If a girl makes herself available, she’s usually interested.

  1. Grow some balls.
  2. Squat with free weights instead of the smith machine. It is not a squat rack, it’s a t@#t rack.
  3. Ask this girl to do something with you, cofee, tea, study, whatever. Just do something where you can talk to her and build a relationship if the chemistry is there.

I think what she told he ex is building up something in her mind. That she would tell her ex something that wasn’t true tells me a lot about this woman. Interesting situation. Not one I’d mess with, but I’m not you. Might be worth exploring, but be ready to run away.

Good Points everyone…T-magger’s damn, i didn’t know the smith machine was such a villian…rest assured, that I squat mainly with the free bar, but the smith allows a much more refined movement and the intensity is the same.
Back to this chick…she seems pretty cool…i mean my x busted up with me, i would say sh*** like some girl asked me out (that i thought was hot) just to see how she would react and make sure she still gave a damn…i think that is what this girl is doing…but i have to make a move…her x is a pencil neck anyway and I could break him in half should he get edgy…how should i approach this chick…she seems awfully nervous around me which is ironic, but bobs her head constantly at me my friends say, and sometimes when i am in the student union, she walks by me i am sure of it, just to make sure i know she’s there…like one time she goes through the food line, gets absolutely nothing, and then walks directly right by where i was sitting…The college kids start back tomorrow and I hope to begin to make the move then…It’s my new years resoultion.
Comments please

Here’s a novel idea, and I swear this works: Walk up to her, extend your hand, and say “Hi, I don’t think we’ve ever exchanged names. My name is (blank). Would you like to get together sometime?” Most guys would be amazed at how well this works.

Dude, ask her out before she thinks you are gay. If she declines, tell her to stop getting in your view of the mirror.

You don’t know for certain that -she-actually- said-that-to-her-ex-. He could have noticed her looking at you/talking to you etc and is just trying to make sure your not horning in on his (now) bootycall. 3000+ people went to work one morning and ended up dead before lunchtime. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ASK HER OUT!

Take Demo’s advice. It would be the easiest and you can ask here to go out and get some coffee, some activity that you can do with her and get a judge of what her feeling are like for you. Let us know how everything goes.

If she’s checking you out constantly, then she’s interested. Ask her out! :slight_smile: But make sure she’s not on some kind of relationship rebound cuz girls on rebound do not make good girlfriends/relationship-materials of any kind.

Yeah I reckon she wants you. But 190 @ 6%bf and you’ve been dedicated for only 3 years? What, are you like 6’8 or something?

T-Mag Pimpz, Playaz, CTeases, and Everybody.
Okay, an update as requested on the situation…well, the first thing i did was confront her on this…in the gym as she came off the ellipitical, i called her over and said “do you have a boyfriend in such and such location”…she hesitated before saying yes…suprised, it seemed, that I asked…I then proceeded to tell her (giving her the benefit of the doubt) that he must be mistaking me for someone else becuase he said that she had told him i asked her out for coffee…she then replied “ohhhhhh I am so embarassed now…we kinda broke up…he can be a hothead…I’ll clear it up” or something of that nature…we’ll, the very next day in the student union, she walked right by my table almost as if she wanted me to notice her…that was it becuase the next day was the x-mas break holiday

Upon arriving back after the holidays, I learned that she did get back with this asshole (hence my other post, girls and asshole guys), although the games continue…she continues to pass me in the union, almost like she knows my daily routine of going down to read the paper there and do my research…she sits always in plain line of sight, and usually by herself (well always).whats more, its always about five minutes after supposed boyfriend leaves…well, prior to the whole incident, she could talk to me, always smiled at me. etc. etc… now its as if she is totally nervous around me…walks by me, but can’t look directly at me…I too have responded by not looking at her, although its clear something is awry…the tension is crazy when we are both in teh same locale, and it seems she always comes to the union and knows i am going to be there…of course i continue to see her at the gym and she’ll invariably try and use machines that are in close proximity to the ones i am using…

Now, yes, i am nervous as hell to say anymore shit to her since she is back with mr. x…but she is definitely messing around now and it killz me…i know everyone of you is going to scold me and say i should just peace up to her and talk to her, but it AINT that easy…doing five weeks of straight keto without a carb up for me would be easier…
TVIXEN, why can’t this broad smile at me, or make it easy for me to approach her…is she too nervous?..what is the deal on this girl…TVIXEN I need you here…I am dying…

Oh and by the way, I am 5 feet 11inches at 191 and 8.5-9% bf, although no higher than 9…that is for the other dude that posted above…I seriously dieted to get to 165 at 3.5-4% legitimaly and from there is been straight gain with interspresed keto…keep in mind, when you were as lean as i was, you put on mainly muscle in the face of quality, clean overfeeding…I guess i am blessed to, but I do not LIE, i have worked my ass off for what i have.

Thanks for these posts…It keeps me going with this situation…I am not going to give up the ship just yet.

She wants you.

But you need to be a man about it. Tell her that the two of you are going to have dinner, at her place. Buy 4 chicken filets, low fat cottage cheese, approx 50 ml, Pasta tagliatelle, cucumber, garlic. Bottle of white Chardonnay.

Slice the filets into chunks, put them in a frying pan, low heat maybe 4/10, DONT give them a frying edge, just let them go grey, mince the cucumber, put it in the pan, mix around every other minute, let it cook for approx 5 minutes. Now its time to start boiling the pasta water. Then put the cottage cheese in. Let it boil up, put in the garlc, pepper, salt, a little chili pepper. Throw in the tagliatelli in the boiling water. in the

Let it boil for 10 minutes, both the pasta and the frying pan.

Ta-da!!! You will get her.

When you are engaging in sex, you’ll probably want to do her anally. The best way to get anal sex, is to on an early stadium, say when you are talking sex during dinner, mention that you like anal sex, and that you want to do her anally.

Honesty will get you anywhere.

Make sure you use lubrication, and finger her a**hole long.

Another fun thing to do, is to lay her on the back and gently force your member down her throat. Surprisingly many women likes this. Also you have to spank her, all women likes this. Gently (at first) spank her behind while you are doing her doggystyle.

Make sure you lick her first though, make her cum, then she will do just about anything.

Good luck, mi amigo.

Oh for crying out loud, just have a talk with her! Forget about your stats, talk to het and other girls and just get on with your life. Why you’re stressing on her, you’re probably missing on a lot of other girls that would n’t cause you as much grief. If you worry about talking to a woman this much now, it’ll only get worse in the real world when there are a ton more issues to deal with.

The longer you leave it the tougher it will be, just ask her out for cofee or something. PS good work on the bod.

Hey Pwrlfter - you are hilarious! Your post had me crackin’ up. Though, to be straight, while this girl is playing the notice me games (of which you have), it won’t be long before she will resent you not talking or plugging her. Like the Irondoc said, just ask her out already. Those who hesitate, lose.

Soory mate, I didn’t mean to make it sound like I thought you were lying. Well done with your progress, you’re obviously dedicated. PS. Maybe she just wants to fuck you on the side?

What you do is this; Tell her in no uncertain terms that the next time she decides to tell someone you’re going out for coffee, make sure it’s the truth. If she doesn’t have the guts to actually do it then don’t use you in her jealous lies. Make it look like you were insulted that she used your name in this petty little game!

If this guy broke it off with her, yuou should be wondering why is he confronting you at a party because he thinks you asked her out for coffee? If this guy didn’t want to be with her anymore it wouldn’t matter to him. So my conclusion is that he suspected she may have been attracted to you and got jealous, therefore, confronted you at a party after having a few drinks (liquid courage). It is my opinion that this guy never would have confronted you in a sober situation. Don’t get cocky and think this woman wants you just because she was in your space when you were trying to look at yourself in the mirror. The fact that this guy confronted you and the fact taht she is in your space more than likely have no correlation. Trust your instincts.