Is Sauna/Steam/Hot Tub Hurting Gains?

I already know the mods will shred my title. I also have the toughest time picking the right forum to post my question. Sorry I am old as dirt and just trying to learn.
I am 67 and workout 5 days a week spending 60 minutes pushing the heavyweights around. I have to be very careful at my age to not cause an injury since recovery takes forever. My question is this. When I come off the weight room floor on any given day the muscle group I have worked has a very good pump. I then hit the wet room with a dry sauna, steam, and hot tub. I usually hit all of them. When dressing to leave my pump is gone. Has the wet room spa hurt my gains? Have I slowed my growth progress because I have lost my pump? Thanks for reading my wall of text.

If this is true I found oit why I don’t make gains lol. It doesn’t matter what supplements or drugs I take/am on, 20 minutes after working oit all the lovely pump is completely gone.

I believe most of the research suggests this may help rather than hurt your gains (after a quick refresh, it seems most likely it will help some of the indirect things that will help gains, like improve sleep quality but I think that needs to be around bedtime or reduce stress)

Hi @wanna_be thanks for joining in the discussion. Is keeping your pump important? I feel like I have torn many muscle fibers in my workout and I sure feel it 2 days later with DOMs.

I have no idea man, wish I knew. I also don’t really gets doms. Maybe once in a while on leg day if I go extra hard

Really you don’t get any kind of soreness 1-2 days later?
When you exercise how many reps do you do past when you start feeling pain?
If you are stopping when it hurts you will not grow. You are just doing what your current muscles can handle. That old saying “without pain there is no gain” is true. You can’t grow unless you push your muscles past what they can do now. An that mean you should experience DOMs 1-2 day post that muscle group.

I’ve mostly done till failure and beyond training. Just started doing it where there is 1-2 reps in the tank. I can go till I’m shaking, blurred vision, and can’t stand, and there won’t be DOMS :joy:

@wanna_be wow that is amazing. I know about shaking, blurred vision, hell I even passed out on an stationary bike once, been there done that. Maybe you have the perfect balance of food and vitamins so you do not get sore post-exercise. That is awesome. Are you growing? What are your fitness goals? Bodybuilding, strength training, just general health?

It has not hurt your gains.

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Not really

I follow a diet and workout from my coach


Get a lot bigger! First goal is to look like i lift, then go from there lol

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Ok well here’s my uneducated input like it or not. If you are not putting in enough effort that two days later you hurt you are not trying hard enough. You are one of those I see doing 3 sets of ten and moving to something else. In my world when 3 of these 3x10 folks leave my area I am almost done with that machine.

Meh. Well just have to agree to disagree. I am a little younger (29) and have worked crazy manual labor jobs my whole life, so I’m used to working hard, maybe that’s why :man_shrugging:

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Yes I have been 29 almost 3 times. I am sure you will figure this out. Sorry I could not help.


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Yeah. I’ve gotten doms for the first week upon return to lifting, and only then, for my entire lifting life, so 40 years.

Unfortunately, I’ve only been training with weights and for sport since I was 9, so take this all with a grain of salt. :rofl:


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Both @wanna_be and @SkyzykS basically said the same thing: having lived lives full of lifting/sports/manual labor, their bodies are used to work and don’t get sore all that often.

I feel the same way. If I take a break from lifting, then my first week back or so, I’ll be sore. If I’m consistent, I rarely get sore unless I do some new movement or something that hits a muscle in a way that I normally don’t.

Some people have mentioned being sore all the time due to extremely challenging programs, but I don’t think not being sore necessarily means that you’re not trying hard enough.

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