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Is Running Test, Deca and EQ Too Much?

So I am currently on 280 test (trt) and yes thats what it takes to get me in high normal range. And 150 deca. I micro dose my test into daily shots at 40mg a day because if I do 2x a week I run into estorgen issues.

So as of right now, what I do is Satuday and Wednesday I pin 75 of deca with the 40mg of test. I was talking to a friend at the gym that is pretty knowledgeable about this and he said running deca and EQ would be a bad idea because they are too similar. I was thinking since I micro dose though it might be more acceptable?? I am on rather small dose of everything, nothing compared to what I see some guys run.

If I was to add the EQ in I would run probably around 200mg a week split into 2 doses. So I would do Sat/wed 75 deca each and Monday/Thursday 100EQ each possibly. Obviously while running my 40mg a day of test. What do you guys think? Is that too many compounds at once? I don’t wanna drop the deca because I am running it as part of my TRT.

200mg of EQ is not going to get you much more than you’re getting with 0mg of EQ. It’s one of those drugs that needs higher doses and longer cycles, at least as far as mass building.

Why not just increase the deca and the test? Since you know how you respond to both of them it should be fairly easy to dial in larger doses and manage side effects pretty well.

Do you think i’d be better off using Masteron? The thing I really like about that is I’ve heard it has no estorgenic side effects.

Deca has no place in TRT. I hope that you are not running it year round. If you want to dabble then keep it to 12-16 weeks once a year IMO. @iron_yuppie is absolutely correct regarding the EQ.

You’re not likely to yield many benefits of adding low dose mast in there other than a libido boost if you are lacking. What is your end goal?

My end goal is to build lean mass and increase my strength. A lot of people on the TRT hormone and optimization facebook group run deca as part of there TRT and say there doctors are fine with it. It’s really good for joint health. My joints have felt a lot better since starting. Though you arent the first person who’s told me it isn’t a good idea to run it year round.

The thing I like about the masteron over EQ is that it doesn’t have any estrogenic side effects. What would be a good dose to run the masteron? for a first timer along with my 280 test? Ill cut the deca and start the masteron.

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Check out this video.

No legitimate Endo / Urologist will prescribe this drug. Its not a TRT drug and its only medicinally acceptable use is for wasting diseases. Its not good for joints… in fact its bad for them long term. It increases synovial fluid so in the short term it provides relief.

Now, you are correct that many Mens Clinics prescribe it. Why? They want your money.


Not to mention the potential sexual and mental side effects. Deca is a terrible drug to use long term, even in low doses. The only drug I’d run alongside TRT is low dose Primo. But even that isn’t healthier than Test alone given the lipid impact.

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This definitely makes sense,
Also eq is one of the worst for making blood get thick,

Hey what do you mean by mental side effects? Does it cause irritability? Lately I’ve been irritable as fuck but I have kinda been going through a lot lately so I’m not sure if that would be the cause. I will admit sometimes I have a habit of jumping and blaming the thing’s I am on for how I am feeling.

Its a 19-Nor which are known to have mental side affects due to their affect on the CNS. Emotional, cognitive, memory and sexual mental affects can occur from the research articles available and are backed up by anecdotal user reports.

Alright so ill dump the Deca. Between EQ and mast what would you suggest? For building solid lean muscle and also what dosage would you start at for someone that’s never used either before?

For other readers benefit I will mention that I don’t like EQ for those not on TRT due to the ester length. Timing of PcT is tough, but since you are on TRT it’s ok. Min effective dose of EQ is said to be 600mg if you are looking to gain mass. Lower doses can still boost performance. Mast is mostly known as a hardener with very little in the way of mass gained. I’ve run it at 300mg and noticed it plus it gave a great sense of well being and libido through the roof. I’ve read that 400mg is a low point for actual muscle building.

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My favorite for what you are looking for is Primo, if you can afford it and have a good source. Solid lean muscle without side effects. Run it at 400-600mg/wk alongside your TRT dose and you’ll see nice results.

EQ is great but has to be run high as @blshaw said for muscle building purposes, and it acts as a pretty powerful AI in a lot of folks which makes estrogen management tricky. Mast is a poor mans Primo, similar drug but less muscle building and more cosmetic at low bf.

Completely agree on EQ not being a good choice for cycling. For blast and cruise it is far more optimal. It just takes so long to build up and clear for someone trying to restart their htpa.

Whats htpa?

Should be hpta.