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Is Running Test C, Tren A, Deca and Var Worth It? 6th Cycle

Looking for answers. Iv ran tren deca and test c before and had amazing reaults.

All I can say is you should go enroll in an accredited four year university business program and learn the true definition of opportunity cost.

Ok I am just messing with you a little but really only you can say if it is worth it. For one guy the cost of adding the Var might need to add five pound and drop an additional percentage of body fat in order to be worth it to him. Where you might just want a slightly drier result vs without it.

Really the question to ask is what do you want out of this cycle? Second what are you hoping the var will add to the cycle? Then ask if there is another compound that could help you with that result and then weight costs of each.

If you are after making a trifecta stack (one from each of the three families) then there is also winny, masteron, primo and dhb (sorta) and even proviron from the dry end of the DHT family. If you are wanting crazy gains then anadrol is somehow a “wet” DHT but I would be very cautious taking anadrol with either tren or deca and you want to already be using both.

On a side note, did you have any progestenic issues with the deca and tren? I swear if I even thought about mixing those two my nipple would leak.


From an actual lean tissue standpoint I’m not sure if anadrol actually adds all that much more than primo (i.e 50mg anadrol/day vs 500mg primo/wk).

Sure, you blow up from anadrol… But you size back down almost as soon as you drop the compound (loss of sodium/glycogen retention).

In terms of which compound actually adds more pure contractile tissue… Who knows? Anadrol also tends to pack on size because people just use so much of it. Take 25mg anadrol/day, the results probably aren’t going to be particularly impressive.

Lactation would be a byproduct of prolactin excess, not progesterone.

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Prolactin comes from fluctuations in progesterone levels. I forget how it correlates but it does. Maybe “comes from” is the wrong wording but they are connected.
Tren and deca have known progestenic activity and they are the ones that can lead to lactation. It’s not guaranteed but it’s possible.

I honestly hate english because it is so convoluted and trying to say something that is not absolute (again might not be the right way to say this) is just so frustrating. There are so many ways to interpret something that is not meant to be complicated.
Then again maybe the issue is with me, I took the ACTs not the SATs so my vocabulary isn’t necessarily on level with other college educated folk.

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So when ever I ran the test c, tren and deca. I actually did a 12 week cycle and ran alot lower dosages than most recommend. It was 300mg test c week pinning EOD, 200mg of tren pinning EOD and deca at 250 pinning EOD. I did start lactating in week 8 once I upped my tren to 300 and immediately stopped and went back down to 200 and everything went back to normal.

That was 200mg all together pinning like .3 or .2 EOD

Sounds like it’s worth it. Throw the Var in during the last 6 weeks

It’s funny cause there’s a whole camp of people that think Masteron doesn’t build muscle when it is one of the best compounds for protein expression. People think turning into a round water and electrolyte filled ballon is synonymous with gaining contractile tissue

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Iv never had any interest in anadrol and to answer your question the var is strictly for drying me out a little more as well as adding a little more strength of at all…the tren should be enough for sure. Whenever i ran the tren and deca before i did start leaking in week 7 or 8 because i upped my tren from 200mg/week to 300mg and immediately went back down as soon as I noticed but i seen amazing gaines and loved how I felt…but I was also on a very strict diet as well something alot of people don’t pay attention to when running a cycle.

Anavar imo is not worth the expense in a cycle with other compounds like tren, deca, etc. Not to mention I think something like Masteron is superior to Anavar at almost anything anyway.

Honestly my guy was telling me to try the tren and test with npp and masteron and I would see amazing results but i had already had experience with test tren and the deca. Should i have gone that route? Imo I know what my body is dialed into take on the cycle im currently running so that was my way of thinking.

Drostanolone does build muscle, but mg/mg mast probably isn’t as potent as testosterone, primobolan etc.

I can gain quite extensively off 200mg test/wk, I can’t say the same for 200mg mast/wk

Broderick Chaves, which in my opinion knows more about PED’d in a sports performance context than almost anyone else on the internet (literally makes a living off of it) tends to believe that Masteron is about 80% as good as primo and I tend to agree from experience. Testosterone works… but there’s a reason anabolic were created. They are fine tuned derivatives of testosterone that guys in lab coats put thousands of man hours into enhancing the positives and lowering the negatives. This is precisely why people think Masteron and primobolan are “weak”, because they don’t make you want to kill people in traffic, grow tits, not be able to sleep end turn into balloon. The average persons ability to gauge actual changes in contractile tissue is quite horrible, myself included

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Update: Day 7 and iv pinned 3× in the 7 days… Only .3 per EOD with the test cyp tren A and deca with var at 20mg one day 40mg 2days after and 40mg yesterday. I definitely feel the var as I have a really hard time sleeping and night sweats…one minute im comfortable then the next hot as shit. I felt the tren really kick in today on leg day as I was pushing for the extra 2 reps in squat. I feel great but have a little anxiety as well. Think im going to dial it back to EO3 days but definitely already feeling it.

Typo: I have took the var every day from day 1-3 then upped it to 40 day 4-today(7).

Tested my var today and lets just say im more than happy with the results

where is that test from if you dont mind me asking

Which test is that?

Its an anavar test from lab max. Cost around 30 bucks for the kit and shipping.

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