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Is Ronnie Coleman Natural?


Hahaha, that got you didn't it?

Well I was asked that question by my brother-in-law last week, he wondered why I laughed so much.

I'm sure many of have a brother-in-law (or similar) like him, "how can I improve my bench?" he asks. I give him advice and he comes back a few weeks later and tells me he's still having difficulty getting his bench up, then admits he's still doing his superset based program he got off the internet!


Soo.. Ronnie is.. Unnatural?




Thats the best joke I have heard all day!!


Of course he is.





Just tell your cousin Ronnies all natural. It'll give him an incentive to work his ass off.


are you guys fucking retarded?

ronnie coleman is a cop, he cant do steroids or he'd lose his job.


Yes. Yes, he is.


This is 100% True.



The only unnatural substance he ever used was Molly McButter.


You should tell him to observe Ronnie on youtube, and act exactly like him in the gym. Tell him "He must be doing something in the gym that no one else is doing!"




Yes, he is natural. If by natural you mean not bionic.


If he used, then he'd have a deeper voice.




That stuff is delicious. I dont blame him.


Maybe where your from. My old gym was filled with vice cops. I'd overhear sometimes that they received steroids on a monthly basis. I do not know if they took them though.


Pretty sure he was joking. A lot of cops are on.


You should be honest with your cousin and tell him hes not natural. He needs to know how much creatine Ronnie Coleman is on.


you idiots, of course he's not natural, but that's because steroids are legal in Texas....that's why everythings bigger there...