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Is rock back?

The Hives, The White Stripes, The Vines. Is rock music back? Not nu metal, not rapcore, not grunge, but real live rock n roll? Hey, they sure beat boy bands at least!

No, this is just commercial punk making a resurgence. All the punk rockers have grown up and gotten jobs and feel like they’re catchin’ a little of their past.

I don’t like the White Stripes, but the Vines rock.

No, rock is not back yet.

I wish I could say so, but compare Linkin Bisquit record sales to the White Stripes. And the Sex Pistols decieded “that the Queen isn’t that bad, after all.” Man, I’m sick of all this raprock and emo-metal. The world needs a new Mick Jagger. In the words of Lemmy, I want a band that, if it moved next door to me, my lawn would die.

I think that these bands are going to maybe start the next genre in music or another sub-genre. Their sound is raw not really reinforced with computers or anything else except for maybe a overdrive pedal, listen to The Hives- “hate to say I told you so” it comes in after the first chorus and before the next verse. Oh yeah, I am sick of this nu-metal shit too. They have some good stuff, but for the most part I want another Lemmy, Jagger, Sid and Nancy, something good no more Fred Durst.