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Is Regular Jiff PB Bad?

I was just wondering what everyones take was on regular jiff peanut butter. I know people talk about the oils in it…Do you guys think these oils are that bad for you? Is it okay to eat this peanut butter?

Yes it’s fine but hydrogenated oils in regular PB aren’t good for you.

If you’re concerned why not just eat the natural stuff?

The best PB should say Peanuts and Salt on the ingredient list. That is all.

Though I must say I do like the Smart Balance PB with Omega 3’s. Even though it has added “Evaporated Cane Juice” aka sugar.

edit - what everyone else said

I’m not entirely sure, but I used to eat 4-6 table spoons a day of the natural jiffy, now I just get my nut fat from almonds.

yes, the hydrogenated oils are not good for the body. Just do a quick google search.

That being said, if you dislike mixing and the PB getting hard in the fridge, then just buy Skippy or Jif Natural. No need to stir.

Regular PB is one of those items where you basically have to decide where you draw the line on how healthy you want to eat.

Every processed food has some level of negative health aspect to it.

Yes, PB contains hydrogenated oil, but it makes up for less than 1% of the product.

I’m fine with the taste of natural PB, but the other day I opened up some Jif to hand to someone, and looked inside at the creamy homogenous goodness, and wanted to eat the whole. damn. thing.

Hydrogenated oils are one thing, but some peanut butters also have phosphoric acid, the ingredient that makes soda such a horrible drink (besides all the sugar).

For what it’s worth, Poliquin once said never to eat peanut butter, even the natural stuff, because it has a mold that is very phytoestrogenic. I have no idea if that includes peanuts or if he’s since rescinded that opinion.

There have been other posts about it on this site if you want to look it up.