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Is Recurrent Gyno Normal?

I can’t count the years now (currently 52) where I’ve occasionally had a small pea sized lump come up under my nipple. Sometimes one side, sometimes both. It started back when pro-hormones first came out and I used them.by rubbing them onto my chest.

I’ve always treated this by way of Tamoxifen for about a month which makes it go away for around a year or more. My question is does this follow the norms ( by returning), or should I go to a Doc. Is there something better for it, or am I not taking it long enough (month or so at 20mg a day).

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

My last two cycles I got gyno after coming off both times. The first time it went away on its own. Second time I ran Nolva at 20mg/day for 30 days and it went away. It may have gone away on its own the second time, but I wasn’t willing to risk it as I already have decent puberty gyno

Thanks for sharing. In my case I’ve had it off and on for 20+ years. It goes away, but always seems to creep back, so I guess I was wondering if it’s common for it to come back

For me it is. It could be for you as well. I have often thought about getting my puberty gyno removed, but in my case, aesthetics are secondary (and mine sits in such a way you wouldn’t notice it unless I was leaner) and I feel like it is a dumb thing to spend money on and poor reason to take time away from my gym/goals.

That’s my opinion on it anyways

I had gyno from puberty that was pretty bad, and got worse after AAS use. I’d use Nolva to shrink it some, but it would always come back when I stopped, or went on cycle again. Tried to really kill it with Letro, but that didn’t work either. So, went for the surgery, and couldn’t be happier about it.

After that, on my right side, I feel little bumps come and go while on TRT and blasting on occasion. Nolva gets rid of it, just like before, but I don’t stay on that long term. I can go in for a revision and get the rest cut out, but it’s so small and only I notice it.

I’d say you’re normal, and can expect to continue the up and down until getting it removed for good.

Thanks for sharing. I guess surgery would be an option if the usual protocol doesn’t work, or it comes back much sooner next time.

@Sugarwookie the next time you have these symptoms you should go get your blood tested. Over range, E2 and prolactin are the two hormones that grow mammary gland tissue.

Are you on TRT or TRT+? Are you overweight? Either can increase one or both of these gyno makers.

@swoops39 do you use tamoxifen whilst also using an ai?

I think so, but never for very long. Like 2-3 weeks

I’m definitely overweight, man. I figured I needed to drop some pounds before going on TRT again. The weird thing is the last time I went on it they got my test all the way up to 1000 and I didn’t lose any weight, nor did I gain any strength. It was weird. I got so sick of the injections and not gaining anything on my lifts that I quit.

My plans are to drop 25-30 and maybe give it another go. I don’t know what i was doing wrong, if anything. I’ll get my blood checked as suggested. Anything else I shoudl look for?

If they got your TT up to 1000 what was your E2? Were they controlling that to keep it in range? If not your weigh gain or lack of losing weigh could have been water weigh.

T is only 1/3 of the equation. The right kind of exercise and diet are just as important.

not sure how bad your gyno is but I’ve had it since a relatively young age, probably 11 or 12. It came off and on and would be terrible for a while with leakage, irritation, enlargement and puffiness. got so bad recently i was about to cut my nipples off myself it hurt so bad, finally started using raloxifene 60mg daily in the morning as soon as I wake up, been using it for 11 days now and I have seen SIGNIFICANT improvement and pain relief. I wish i had known about this years ago, because it would’ve saved me a lot of stress. not sure if yours is from puberty or left over from cycles or what, but if its too fibrous it wont go away completely likely but be significantly decreased. If you have the time and money for surgery I would go that route otherwise give raloxifene a try.