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Is Purchasing TRT Doctor-Prescribed Meds an Option on Online Pharmacies?


I got my labs back which showed my Test Serum at 211ng/dl & Free Test at 4.4pg/ml. My doctor then wrote me a Rx for Test Cyp at 100mg per wk, HCG at 200 iu 2 x per wk, and Arimidex at 500mg x per week. My problem is Blue Cross Blue Shield is being very difficult. The insurance company wants me to have 2 more morning labs that have to be under 300ng/dl for Test Serum. My first lab was done 3:00pm so they won’t accept it. Just wondering if there is a radical difference between a morning lab and an afternoon draw? Secondly would I be able to purchase the TRT meds from an online pharmacy (no insurance involved) if I choose? And thirdly would it be expensive? Just trying to figure out whether it is worth it to jump through hoops for my insurance company to pay for Rxs.


I have blue cross as well and 2 weeks ago had filled my first script out of pocket.

IMO if you’re willing to jump through hoops to normalize your life with TRT, I’d jump through a few more to have insurance cover it.

Keep in mind Blue Cross covers gender reassignment hormones so they should cover TRT as well.

I’m in the same boat and am fighting them to get coverage.


These meds are not terribly costly. Can get 2,000mg of Test Cyp for $90. That’ll last you 20 weeks. HcG is running $340 for 10,000iu. That’ll last you 11-12 weeks. Don’t know the exact price of Adex, but it’s very reasonable as well.


Just checked with CVS pharmacy about cash price for Test Cyp 10ml (200mg/ml). They are charging $120. That seems to be higher than average. Does anyone know where the most economical choice to purchase test with a doctor script out of pocket cash price. I talked to the Insurance company and they are making it difficult and obviously want nothing to do with TRT. I hope I’m not violating any sourcing rules on the forum since I have a dr Rx and want to purchase through legit pharmacy.


After using Goodrx.com, my Rx for Test Cyp 200 was reduced to $64. Amazing program.


Have heard that Costco is a good option.

You cannot import a schedule III drug into a USA with or without an Rx.

Please follow these links in the 2nd post of the f1st forum topic:

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

Need these labs and post what you have with ranges:
prolactin if >36
PSA if >45

Arimidex/anastrozole is 1mg/week in divided doses

You should not start TRT without LH/FSH unless you are old enough for age related decline.


TT - 211 ng/dl (384-1197)
FT - 4.4 pg/ml (8.7-25.1)
E2 - waiting on lab results
LH - 6.7 (1.7-8.6mIU/ml)
FSH- 4.3 (1.5-12.4mIU/ml)
prolactin if >36 - waiting on lab results
CBC - waiting on lab results
hematocrit - waiting on lab results
TSH - 1.100 ulU/ml
PSA if >45 - waiting on lab results
DHEA- 40 (adult male 31-40yrs old, 33-416ug/dl)

40 yr old.


Definite secondary hypogonadism with what appears to be some primary.

Sorry, I ask for prolactin if <36
We see prolactin issues with younger makes, not known what incidences are for older men.

DHEA is released in pulses and has a short half life before becoming DHEA sulfate. Should be testing for DHEA-S, not DHEA. Appears that DHEA is very low, but wrong test introduces doubt. Low DHEA can limit DHEA–>T inside the testes. Low DHEA-S can also indicate adrenal issues.