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Is Pulled Up Steroid Safe on Hygine Matter?


It's my first post in this site.

I wonder pulled out steroids into syringe(just for keeping and easier injecting) will be safe.
What it is, my friend is now sentenced to go to jail for 1 year because of involving in fighting(excessive defence).
It was inevitable but anyway he unfortunately should live in a jail for a long time.

I am keeping his steroid in our office and as I and my wife have a plan for pregnancy in next year I won't use it.

I wonder if the steroid kept in the syringe safe on hygine matter.
All standing upward and capped with new/unopened needles and I heard that each one has npp 0.5ml and sustanon 1ml total 1.5ml and all their expiry dates are over 2015. Aren't the syringes going to be polluted?
And.. are there any ways keeping it safer, if any?

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2)Yes, don't draw until you're ready to shoot.

Hmmm, I guess #2 goes for guns as well.


How much syringes are there??

You could always just buy a sterile vial and inject it back into that for safe keeping



Hi. Thank you to leave a comment.
but what do you mean by possibly?
possibly safe? or polluted?


I wouldn't trust syringes for long term storage, if ur just going out of town for a few weeks or days its fine cause who wants to travel carrying big ass vials of juice and run the risk of them breaking but for long term sealed sterile vials


I don't keep gear in syringes for anything more than a few days (when I'm traveling and don't want to carry vials.) Fact is, you have solvents in contact with plastic, and plastic can leach various nasty chemicals (endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, etc). I don't know that medical-grade plastic is more or less susceptible to this issue than others, but I believe it is a possibility and since it's easy to avoid, I avoid it. I'm more paranoid than most in this regard (I threw away all my nonstick cookware long ago), but I think it's worthwhile to do what you can to limit your exposure.