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Is Puffiness Always Gyno?

My nipples get puffy sometimes but I have no hard lumps is this still gyno or ore gyno? Is it treatable?

Prolly not gyno, just a response to the hormones you’re taking

Do you know your E2 and prolactin levels in your blood?
I am pretty sure they both need to be over range for quite a long time before you start growing mammary glands.

I only take 200 mg of test a week and 3 iu hgh a day no soreness no tenderness jus puffy nips should I use arimidex?

Doubtful. You could always get some blood work done. 200mg/ week is too low to cause actual gyno for the 99.9% majority.

OMG you think that is low for TRT?
It is the max an American doctor can prescribe without jumping thru extra hoops.
How long have you been taking 200mg/wk?
Have you ever done a blood test?

This is what 100mg/wk of T cyp does for me. Note my freeT and the range.
Also E2 when I don’t take anastrozole and you are taking double the T I am taking.

There normal

Wow, that’s amazing for 100mg per week. Is it once a week injection? I also notice that high free T is almost always caused by low shbg or I’m wrong?

No M/T.
You are right my super low SHGB gives me a ton of free T the good stuff
but it also gives me a ton of Free E2 the bad stuff. Thank God my prolactin in mid-scale or I would be worrying about gyno like the OP. SHGB does not seem to affect prolactin.

I thought 500mg was low for me as I was treating symptoms and not chasing a number. My range on 500mg was 5000-8000. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m on a lower dose of 250mg/wk and in the 3200-4000 range.

Do I need arimidex on 200 mg and 3iu?

Without bloods, E2, prolactin, and SHGB no one really knows but if you just want a guess then Yes. You have already said you have puffyness that might be water retention from high E2.
If your SHGB is above mid-scale you can tolerate a crapload of E2 and your SHGB will just bind it up making it harmless. Same thing it does for Free T.

If you have been doing 200+ for sometime you might want to test your HCT (Hematocrit) as well.

Hmmmm that might explain why I piss a lot too… especially if it’s beer I’m in the bathroom every 5 min… I don’t cycle tho I’m on trt so can arimidex be used long term?

I don’t know. My TRT clinic uses anastrozole and yes I take it year-round. It is a microdose made by a compounding lab. 0.125mg and I take one on shot day M/T.