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Is Protein Powder Bad?


Does anybody here try to not use protein powder?

I'm thinking of trying to stay with egg whites, meat, cottage cheese, nuts, and dairy and eliminate protein powder from my diets (and maybe just have a scoop of protein per day). From my understanding a lot of protein powders have a lot of artificial flavoring and junk like aspartame added to them.

What does everybody else think?


If it were easily done I'd never need a protein supplement to get all my food in. But the way I eat it would be absolutely dreadful to stuff down 6-7 solid big protein meals a day, 4-5 are much more managable with 2-3 protein shakes a day. If you can meet your goals without powders no one is going to say they are better, just convenient.


Not all protein powders are created equally. There is a lot of variation in quality among them. Most of your protein should be coming from food anyway.


So lets say that you're consuming about 215 g of protein a day. On average, about how many of the grams of protein come from protein shakes that you guys take? Or rather if everyone would give your g of protein you take a day and how much comes from shakes. I don't think there's a thread like this that I've seen.


Sticking with good quality protein powders is my suggestion. I have purchased cheaper concentrates in the past and noticed a good difference to using a quality isolate instead. Personally,the only time I take in WPI, is before and after training. The rest is from whole food. I have recently purchased a protein powder containing whey protein concentrate, isolate and casein which i will use as a meal replacement, due to time constraints at work.
If I was able to get Surge, Metabolic Drive and Grow! Whey at a decent price here in AUS, I would!!!



You're really only going to find artificial flavors in fruit and cheap vanilla proteins. Most chocolate shakes are flavored with cocoa.

As for aspartame, it doesn't have any negative effects anyway. If you're really worried about aspartame, put away the tinfoil hat.


I usually drink 2 scoops in the morning and two before bed that's about it, so that makes it 80grams of protein.


Inhaling protein powder is bad.


This is my personal experience, when I use any form of protein powder, whether it be whey or hemp protein powder, my liver & kidney start to hurt a lot... and I mean a lot (no I do not have diabetes or any health problem, checked with scans at the hospital... I'm at 100% good health).

Doctors tell me not to use protein powders (they know how the body works - 10 years of university for doctors). To gain weight properly eat lots of eggs, fruits, vegetables, and grains in the morning; stop eating or drinking something when your body tells you to, and do not use a teflon (non-stick) pan to cook the eggs (use a stainless steel or a cast-iron pan). Give it all you have when you work out.

I personally work out by putting 10 pound weights on each of my ankles and do chin-ups on monkey bars (7ft in the air) while raising my knees. Bring water and banana's with you to work out, and make eggs as fast as you can when your done working out. The more energy you put into working out, the more eggs you will be able to eat. With more weight, you need stronger bones, so you must take calcium with magnesium vitamins with water (take recommended amount on bottle).

Don't forget lunch & dinner. Don't drink milk, drink soy protein drinks, milk has lots of garbage in it. You might be asking... what about my bones, that's what the calcium with magnesium is for. Don't forget to take liquid multi-vitamins every day and get proper sleep (very important).

This site covers the myths about eggs and cholesterol.


Wierdest response ever.


Funniest sentence I've read in a while. Congratulations.

Having worked very closely with quite a few very good physicians, most don't know much about supplements or nutrition despite their 10 years of university.

If protein powders really do cause you physical pain, I wouldn't be surprised if you really do have an undiagnosed illness and your physician is too lousy to catch it.

If not that, you might be a head case or a troll. This is your first post after all.


C'mon guys; "IS PROTEIN POWDER BAD?", can't believe people are actually addressing to that.


That's a good one, I needed a laugh.
"Owww my liver hurts"
"Shaddup and drink your soy"


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Please, please PLEASE tell us your height and weight, how long you've been lifting, and your bf% if you know it.

I'm DYING to know, and i'm not being sarcastic. I'm sure everyone else that's read your post wants to know this as well.


The bottom line regarding protein powder, like Scott said, is convenience.

It is relatively cheap, VERY easy to ingest, VERY portable (annoying to bring a pound of chicken with you when you leave the house), and can digest and absorb much faster than whole food protein sources which makes it particularly beneficial for pre-during-and PWO. The last point goes towards not just convenience but efficiency.

If you routinely get in over 300g of protein a day, it would be a freakin' nightmare to have to get all of that from whole food. At 7pm I simply do NOT want to eat another 10-12 or whatever oz of chicken or beef. It's much easier to take in 60g of protein from a shake.

That's it.


Some where I read something saying that soy is harder for the body to digest then whey and thats why its not ideal for post work out. And im pretty sure most doctors mabye not all of them tell paitents who either have gastric bypass or the lapband done to consume whey and not soy because of the ease the body digesting it i could be wrong you do seem like you may be a bit more experienced than i.

maybe you could enlighten things a bit for me because im trying reall hard to get to 220 and its hard eatting 6 eggs 3 chicken breast a steak 2 cans of tuna and 4 cups of oatmeal with preserves brccolli with each meal a cup of brown rice and a bannana or rice cakes post work out so i can replinish and repair for my 6 days of monkeying around in the gym


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For what it is worth, I have made very solid gains in the past month and I have not had any supplemental protein powder for nearly 3 months. But I have been eating a lot of food.


whats a lot 2500 3000 4000 cals. i really dont look at cals. though.I aim for 300 grams of protien