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is professional wrestling real?

I was genuinely surprised to learn that there are people on this board who think that professional wrestling is real. I would guess that those are guys under 14 or guys who never practiced any kind of full contact martial art.
Or am I the only one who thinks that pro wrestling is a big circus?

It’s big sweaty men rolling around in their underwear. SQUEEEEEEL PIG!!!

It is most definitely a show. i guess you are referring to me. it is not fake as in movie fake but it is not a real match. i can guarantee about 75% of the stuff they do really hurts.

You surprised? That these guys think the WCW and WWF is “real”

what the hell are you talking about? sure wrestling is predetermined, if that’s what you mean,but everybody knows that. but believe it or not the pounding and abuse wrestlers take is far beyond anything experienced in other sports. for example, the rock, a former football player at university of miami, once said in an interview that the abuse he takes in the wrestling ring, with the brutal schedule, is far greater than what he experienced as a football player.when you’re crisscrossing the country wrestling 3-4 days a week (and in the 80s guys would wrestle weeks on end without rest), it takes a toll no matter who you are, even a simple move like a bodyslam, when executed properly, is not completely painless. (just ask ken shamrock) it goes without saying that a single martial arts or ufc bout is much more brutal as compared to a wrestling match,but the wrestlers are performing 3-4 days a week and soemtimes more year round’ without rest. its not one match and then a week or a few months rest. this is why wrestlers load up on steroids, percocet, halycon, valium, oxycontin, and assorted uppers and downers, because without them they can’t survive. make no mistake wrestling, while not a shoot, is unbeliveably hard on the body, just look at the british bulldogs, one is dead and the other is in a wheelchair.

It’s red neck soap opera.

Bryan’s post on pro wrestling is correct. Ask Michaels Hickenbottom(Shawn Michaels)how “fake” wrestling is. Here was one of the best workers of his time having to retire early because of herniated discs in his back caused by taking constant “bumps” or falls on his back. Talk to Mic Foley about pro wrestling. Motherfucker can’t even remember the way to his house sometimes because his brain has been scrambled so many times. In the middle of a sentence he’ll lose his train of thought. Without anything distracting him. I know someone who did a little indy pro wrestling. His ass got knocked out cold takng a chair shot to the head. This guy is a tough S.O.B to boot. Darren Drozdof(sp) was paralyzed from the waist down in a match. His opponent fucked up a move and dropped him on his head. I could sit here for an hour, talking about how many people are crippled because of “fake” wrestling. Worked it is, fake it is not.

You damn right wrestling is real. Its that stupid moon landing thing that was faked.—Bubba

um… the WWF is now the WWE - World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT. The bouts have pre-determined outcomes. However, watching a 200 pound man launch himself into the air like that is still impressive and takes strength and agility… and landing has to be painful!

Of course its fake, pro wrestlers are stunt men in a show. That is not saying that what they are doing is not painful, nor is it saying that they are not athletes, but it is a scripted show, complete with soap opera story line. Look at Jesse Ventura’s resume, he never listed pro wrestler on it, he listed stunt man.

you’re right Dustin, it just really annoys me that most people who talk about wrestling, are so fucking clueless, just like the media when they talk about steroids. people who watch wrestling, watch it to be entertained and for the enjoyment, not because they are an idiot who thinks its “real.” wrestling is well rehearsed coreography, which everyone is well aware of, and have known for many,many,years. and this martial arts arguement is incredibly lame, especially because of lot of shootfighters (shamrock, severen, abbot, etc.),martial artists, football players have become wrestlers and they all say the same that wrestling is extremely difficult and harder than the other sports they had participated in. here’s some examples of injuries the “fake” wrestlers have suffered: bruno sammartino-broken neck, dynamite kid- wheelchair from accumulated injuries suffered, mick foley-multiple concussions, lost a portion of his right ear, superstar billy graham-hip replacement and assorted problems from injuries, painkillers and steroid abuse, roddy pipper-hip replacement, rick rude-broken neck,triple h-torn quadricep,steve austin-broken neck and so on.

As possibly the only pro wrestler on this board, I was dreading clicking on the “replies” button. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see it well represented. Thanks everybody. If anybody is curious, I suffered a broken ankle and have pins in my ankle, thanks to a botched “baseball slide”, which is basically what it sounds like, a sliding kick. My ex-roommate, who played Linebacker at Michigan State and never suffered a serious injury, also broke an ankle last month on a back body drop. 2 simple moves, 2 broken ankles. Not too fake eh? ALso, last night on Raw, that piece of shit Kevin Nash tore his quad. OUCH! BTW, Michelle, most wrestlers weigh well over 200 pounds.

I sit corrected grin

i have been a"pro wrestler" since 1995.
the farthest a got in the business was when i was working for H.W.A. and the N.W.F [one is a farm team for WWE ]i am traing to make a good comeback and have some fun with it. i wrestled Brutus Beefcake, Al Snow, been on shows with just about every "80’s " wrestler around. it is very dangerous if you ever get into the business you will either become angry or just laugh when the is it fake or real questions come around. wrestling is a “work” which is the oppositte of a “shoot” hence the name shootfighting [which i think is a “worked shoot”.
but anyway, i was doing very well in wrestling until from a simple move [flying fist top rope after tag partner monkeyflipped our “opponint”
from the corner. well my opponnint was just a bit out of position i didn’t realize until i was mid air that my knee would have came down full force on his face. so i tried to turn mid-air and ended up dislocating my shoulder and tearing the glenoid labrum and my biceps tendon
i was getting a big push from the company i was working for [we had tag belts wwe farm team] so i kept wrestling on it for another 6 months until it got so bad that it would dislocate in bed, at the swimming pool etc.
so i had surgury on it and have kept wrestling but i have never felt the same could be psycological i’m not sure. but i took a year off [wrestling and bodybuilding] but now i’ve got that “bug” again!!
my main point the wrestlers work with each other to put on an entertaining match [they are not competing against each other and yea they don’t hit or kick each other full force.
best wishes
hard trainer

Yeah, we got it, wrestling is tough. I don’t dispute that. But take it easy wrestling fan! Diehard wrestling fan is the most defensive television geek there is. “It’s not fake!” “You take a bump!” Uh, no. No matter what, it’s still men(who, by the way, are great athletes, I know, wrestling fan!) in tights, picking each other up by the crotch. No thanks.

Dynamite Kid is God or something. I’d give my left nut to get my hands on some of his matches with Tiger Mask. Fuckers are having 90’s style matches in like 1982.

its cool, i can completely understand why someone wouldn’t like wrestling, especially the wwf right now, which i admit does suck for the most part,and i’m more of a casual fan nowadays,i rarely watch but i do read a lot… Dustin if you want to find tapes of dynamite do a search for pro wrestling tapes under altavista or yahoo, i’m sure you’ll find a bunch of sites with his matches. and yeah he was great, and i read his book pure dynamite which was awesome too and very honest, you ought to check that out as well…another site to check out is tomzenk.com, the best wrestling site on the internet.

I was in the HWA til early this spring. DO we know each other? I didn’t work any of the shows, but I worked a lot of security.

Wrestling is definitely predetermined but it is in now way fake. If you think wrestling if fake then let me slam you on your fuckin head and tell me if it hurts.

yea we probobly know each other,but it is probobly best to stay anon/ oh hell ! UNKNOWN!!
i’m probobly just paranoid but well, i’m probobly just paranoid.?
take care bro!!
hard trainer