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Is Pregabalin Hepatoxic?

Hi, I’m on Pregabalin at 300mg/ day (100mg 3 times) its for anxiety, I read some reports of hepatoxicity but there wasn’t much detail on this, I ask this because I do take PEDs and I’m worried about it.

There appears to be very few (a couple) reports of acute liver injury/ raised liver enzymes associated with pregabalin use, however I wouldn’t worry about it’s hepatotoxic nature, I took it for a while (was scripted to help neuropathic pain or some shit like that), didn’t help but fucked with my cognitive function so bad my grades dropped and I couldn’t remember people’s names, where I was supposed to sit, where I was half the time etc (this is not an exxageration either, kids my age began to think there was something seriously wrong with me), I was a zombie for a while when I was on it, granted this doesn’t mean the drug will affect you in the same way.

Hepatotoxic, probably not, Neurotoxic, likely (data is out showing the potential neurotoxic effects of the drug)

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Fair enough you must have been on a much higher dose than me it makes me a little sleepy but chills me out I’m always on edge like I’m preparing for someone to strike it’s crazy but pregabalin helps a lot.

I was on 450mg/day.

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