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Is PPA the same as L-norephedrine?

The Today show had a story on PPA and how an advisory committee to the FDA has recommended banning PPA from products. Apparently a study showed a possible increase in the chance of having a stroke from PPA. Isn’t PPA also known as l-norephedrine? This would appear to put MD6 in jeopardy if this is true. Someone with more knowledge please expand on this.

PPA is a mixture of “isomers”… same
atoms connected in same order, but one
is the mirror image of the other, just
as your left hand is the mirror image
of the right. Norephedrine as used in
MD6 is not a mixture, but is one of
the isomers present in PPA.

I don’t know how any FDA ruling on PPA, if it
occurs, would effect norephedrine. Your
concern that the ruling might ban norephedrine
could be correct.

Bill hit it right on the nose but I want to
add some stuff: The FDA will not ban PPA
before ephedrine as there are any number
of legit pharmaceutical companies selling
PPA products at drug stores (e.g. Accutrim,
Dexatrim, etc.) and these companies are
going to put up a HUGE fight, bigger than
the supp companies hawking ephedrine.

If it happens (a ban on PPA and that would include l-nor isomer) then I have something else I can stick in MD-6 that I prefer not to discuss here or now. It would not be as effective but it would be better than nothing at all.