Is Poor Concentration a Side Effect of TRT?

Ever since starting trt my concentration has been terrible. I work in a somewhat analytical job and can not hold my attention long enough on emails and documents to read them throrougjky. I’ve been dealing with it since I started and as my somewhat unreliable doc has not fillled my prescription as requested since last week, I’m out of t and haven’t been injected and my concentration is back. Anyone have this side effect?

This means your levels are too high and dosages needs to decrease. High estrogen can negatively affect concentration, you may need to inject smaller frequent doses.

Your doctor is the problem, not TRT. An iron deficiency could cause poor concentration, you need more lab testing by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Most of these TRT clinics are no better than all the other clueless doctors, if you have other medical problems, than these clinics will not be able to help.

Check Pregnenolone as well. Can lower with TRT and affect mental cognition.


I’ve been taking an oxytocin and pregnelone troche for two weeks now and feel it’s made a positive contribution to my over all mood and stress levels.

My partner even noticed an improvement in my mood since I’ve been a moody SOB these last few years.

I have a stressful analytical job that keeps me at my desk 12+ hours most days. Little did I think that was due to low T until I got my levels tested twice two weeks apart.

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I wonder if I would benefit from this. How much preg do you take?

I am not “bitchy” but I am never in a “good mood” if that makes sense.

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Script says 80unit/50 mg troche. I don’t know how that breaks down between the two hormones. Endo told me too much pregenolone may cause increase estrogen, so please be careful if you’re not under a doctor’s care when using this hormone in addition to TRT.

So its 50mg preg. I am using DHEA currently, at 25mg qd in the AM.

My testosterone cyp vial has DHEA GS from a compound pharmacy.

It’s 50mg, but I don’t know if that’s a daily dose since I cut the troche into quarters.

Your testosterone comes with injectable DHEA?

Yep. HCG has theanine too.

I’m not sure how much help this response will be but I can give you what typically happens to me when I go on cycle. I am not on trt I am just venturing into that world now. When I am on cycle I asked first usually lose my concentration I usually chalk that up to when I’m on cycle all I can think about is the gym and I lose focus elsewhere however once I get going on it I noticed that at work I completely kill everything and do great. However, I work in a very pedal to the metal kick ass and take names construction type of environment where I’m usually lifting heavy things and moving heavy things going up and down multiple flights of stairs oh, it’s almost like being in a gym without being in a gym and I always do way better at my job when I’m on cycle and my focus is always right on point. Maybe I can relate that back to it kind of is a workout the same way that I’m always focused on working out while on cycle. But this I can say for sure, I have ADHD and have been on Adderall for years typically when I go on cycle I leave my adderal at home and don’t even need to use it my focus is that much better with my testosterone levels are that high. There actually is some science behind low testosterone levels and ADHD you can feel free to Google it. Again not sure if that helped but like I said at first I usually am not focused but then as my cycle goes on I am again that is typically with doses of 500 to 1000 mg per week not a trt dose haha

This is spot on.

My preg levels were way low out of range. As soon as I started supplementing preg, my clarity, speaking, and mind all seemed to work better.


Hey @roscoe88 mind if I pick your brain for a min?

What is your dose of preg? When do you take it?

Do you also take DHEA? If so, how much? Any changes with this?

I’m in to my third day taking 25mg DHEA, was low on labs.

what exactly is your protocol?

I usually take 25mg preg in the morning first thing.

Dhea I sometimes take at night. 25mg I get some better deeper sleep I feel with it.

I’ve slowly increased the dose after 8 -10week waiting periods when symptoms didn’t improve, and never really got a benefit that I feel is worth the side effects. And with each increase I noticed a proportionate decrease in concentration. It simply seems to be the higher the dose the lower my concentration. If I lower the dose my symptoms will come back. Does an ion deficiency come from trt? Because without the trt my concentration is relatively ok.

In my case TRT drove my iron down pretty quickly, after more than two years struggling on TRT, iron and ferritin was below range, stopped TRT and retest iron and ferritin and both increase to within range but low normal.

TRT dropped iron from 62 (59-178) down to 40 and ferritin 35 (30-240) to 24. I was iron deficient when my natural T was optimal for 15 years prior, then when my T crashed iron recovered because T was low, then increase T on TRT and back to iron deficiency.

It took me a while to figure all this out, I had a chronic cough since 30 that went away when I started supplementing iron. I remember my mother telling me 6 months after I started to heraty, “there’s that cough again”.

How do you supplement iron now and in what time you will restart TRT?

Do you live in Europe by the way, I notice you are writing in my time zone?

Well I keep finding more deficiencies, I want to improve gut health and to deal all vitamin deficiencies. I just found out after having to stop iron do to excess iron that I had a vitamin C deficiency, when I stopped the iron supplement, some of the symptoms would return a week later.

Little did I know there was vitamin C mixed in to help iron absorption, took my awhile to figure it out. This experience of these vitamin C deficiency symptoms takes me back to 2017 when I first started my EOD protocol, my hair would get all curvy and mouth/teeth would ache. This was my first symptom that would later worsen my pre-existing iron deficiency.

I’m in Southern California.