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Is PCT Needed if Also on TRT?


I was recently placed on TRT (100mg/week) by my Dr. After about a month, I decided to do an actual cycle (200mg E3D, and 250 iu HCG EOD). My 12 week cycle is about finished, and I am wondering how I need to do my PCT. I have my Nolva ready to go, but I was wondering if I should follow a traditional PCT, or just taper my test, slowly, back down to my normal TRT dose (100mg/week)? I figured that, since my natural test production is already fucked up, will a traditional PCT (Nolva) work? Any Advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am 31 y/o. My initial test level was 285. I have been active all my life, up to the last two years, where i was down because of a back injury. I am 6’2" 255 lbs. very happy with my cycle results. Gained about 10 lbs overall, but a big loss in body fat, and big gains in strength and muscle mass. Thank in advance.


PCT is for guys that are coming off androgens. since you’re on TRT, just go back to your normal dose.


You might want to keep doing the hcg every fourth day to maximise your testicular size though.


Fertility issues may also figure into the equation. If you aren’t worried about having kids, or more kids, then no need for PCT. Bill Roberts has written quite a bit about this and shorter cycles.