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Is Parillo Nuts?

What is your opinion on John Parillo’s nutrition program

He advises to totally elimate high GI carbs(even post-workout), fruit(due to fructose) and keep dietary fat as low as humanly possible(except for MCT’s).

Does anyone practice this method?

Is this to extreme?

Sounds stupid to me… considering all the benefits we know are associated w/ adequate fat intake.

Back during the “dark days” of bodybuilding nutrition/supplementation Parillo’s ideas seemed to be “cutting edge”. Unfortunately for him, the light-years of progress that have been made since the mid-90’s have made him look like a complete idiot. Sorry John, but it’s time you moved on to another profession. Bodybuilding has left you in the dust…

Jeff is right. Parillo seems to have failed to move out of the '80s. We now know that MCTs ain’t so great, fruit is excellent, and combining high volume training with tons of forced reps works only for mutants. I was thinking, however, that Parillo had moved into the present regarding post-workout nutrition.

mmmm Parillo Nuts