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Is OVT Right for Now?

I while back I decided to follow workout routines instead of just dicking around the gym like I’ve been doing for a while. I decided to start with Rippetoes Starting Strength and have been on it for a while since I was consistently able to add more weight. However within the last 2 or 3 weeks I’ve not been able to make any progression so I decided its time to change it up a bit.

Would OVT make any sense to change over to or is the premise too similar? Is there any other programs that you guys know of that might be better suited for coming off of SS?

OVT is way to big of a difference, one that could get you hurt. your going from a total of what, 11 total sets per workout, to something that has you doing 40 sets per workout, 20 sets per muscle group. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I think that should raise some flags here.

You want to include more volume yes, but you’re trying to make too much of a jump, like almost literally trying to shoot for the moon here. Increase volume gradually. I GUARANTEE that if you tried OVT today, you wouldnt make it, finish it or possibly live to tell about it. And waking up the next day would most likely be impossible.

Im not gonna give a “special” routine, as there is none. Use the search engine and look stuff up. But perhaps an upper/lower split may do the trick (as for which one…you’re on your own)


Look up the principles of EDT, you can adapt the workout with which you finished Rippetoes’ to a progression of EDT. This would ensure there isn’t much of a jump, and there is progress all around. Other people will tell you to do WS4SB, but it may not suit your goal, and others like Prof X suggest people move into splits as they get more advanced.

Just make a choice and move with it.

I’m going to have to disagree that you shouldn’t do OVT. I’m doing it right now and I freakin LOVE IT.

I switched from doing a pretty low volume upper/lower split based on 5x5 to doing OVT and and I’m doing it just fine. I’m not just doing it…I’m crushing it.

Is it hard? Absolutely! But that is a good thing. I’m making noticeable gains that people comment on while watching the other sorry people at my gym barely break a sweat.

If you eat enough to make the gains in strength and bust your ass, you should be fine. I don’t think I could do OVT without eating as much as I am.

The volume sounds high for OVT but the 2nd set of each exercise is light. It gets some extra blood in to the muscle for sure, but it’s not draining you from doing more work.

After 5 weeks every one of my lifts have gone up 25-40 lbs and I’ve gained 13 lbs and not a lot of BF (mostly the food of course). One piece of advice I’d give is to really push yourself to add weight to the bar every week…even if it’s just 5 lbs. Sometimes 5 lbs felt too light and I’d jump 10lbs that week.

The only bad part of OVT at least for me is that it takes me 1.5 hours to complete a full workout at full intensity. I’m trying to lower my rest periods but I’m focusing more on keeping the poundages up.

Wait, what was that?

[quote]davidtower said:
upper/lower split based on 5x5 [/quote]

He has just finished Rippetoes’. The comparison isn’t there.