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is outlaw strength and conditioning for me?

my attempts at dieting are well documented on my “progress” thread in the photo forum.

but i am losing much upperbody strength, and seem to injury myself weekly (upperbody). my low body stuff is maintaining, but i am still not 100% from a back injury.

my question to anybody: while losing weight, would some sort of conditioning program be productive? i wonder if i keep hurting myself because i am out of shape from the layoff after my back injury, and my crazy work schedule prohibits me from doing and gpp or extra workouts on my “off” days. would a program like waturbury’s help “rebuild” my base, and help with fat loss?

i am losing weight (235 down to 215) but i do not feel like i am “leaning out”. i am getting smaller but i look and feel “soft”.

any help would be appreciated.


If you have a crazy work schedule, you should not undergo the OSC program - it’s too demanding.

For your purposes, the “Next Big Three” program would be perfect. The volume is relatively low, but the metabolic demand is very high. Perform this routine in conjunction with a good eating plan and you will lose fat.

thanks chad…
i am glad you responded, it would have been difficult to get started and fail…i seem to be running into road blocks almost on a weekly basis since starting the diet. i do not think i could take another setback. i have pretty much done tha anabolic diet thus far, any suggestions?

personally i had success using OSC while cutting. However, I kept my calories at around a maintenece level. I lost bodyfat, while increasing strength and LBM. I used it for 7 weeks during the hotrox contest.

took a look at your “big three” program. here is my problem. my work schedule allows me to train 2 days in a row, then three days off(i work 3 16-18 hour shifts, then hav two days off, then the cycle repeats. so there would be minimal of 5 days in between workouts.

any suggestions on how to structure a routine that will meet my needs on a 2 on 3 off template?


this has been a problem for the last 2 years.


hey heavythrower,
I would have a upperbody/lower body split and do some Poliquin type of volume, he usually prescribes 5 days before repeating the same workout.

Perform my ABBH program using the split you described.

Throw in the arm option since you will have a long break between workouts.

Hey, there, HeavyThrower!!! Picking the right type of workout while dieting is key. But optimizing your diet to fuel your workout and maintain energy levels is equally as important.

Did you just tighten up a bit (dietarily), or are you following a plan?

Are you sure you want to keep on with the anabolic diet? You might get better results (less lost muscle) with t-dawg 2. The only problem I can see is eating six times a day could be hard when you are working that much.
Just an idea.

thanks chad, and all!!