Is Ostarine Worth Taking for Joint Healing?

The only reason I am interested in trying this out is because I have some knee issues (cant be more specific, because MRI and X-rays have shown nothing physically wrong).

Drove my e2 too low for a while and caused some pain from mountain biking. The recovery has been SLOW. 1 year and I am still recovering, still cant squat.

What experiences have you had regarding joint healing while using Ostarine?

Was considering trying 10mg a day for a month, just to see if there is any effect.

So joint pain relief from AAS comes from a number of places, or mechanisms of action. Deca works by increasing bone density, which also increases density in the periosteum. When have “joint pain” we’re usually feeling the pain that’s originating in the periosteum. The neat thing about deca is how it works to cause different gene expression within tendons. The non-science version is simply this: tendons can handle more strain before reaching failure while deca is present in the body. As you lift heavier the tendons become capable of being pushed further and further out before failure.

I have no idea how Ostarine would replicate this mechanism or outcome.

tl;dr deca gives joint relief