Is One Body Part Per Day for Beginners?

I read that doing one body part per day is not meant for beginners and that you should have at least one year under your belt before switching to this program. What are your thoughts on this? I’m experimenting with different splits and seeing which work best for me.

It’s highly unlikely that a beginner will reap the benefits of this program. Your Central Nervous System isn’t used to lifting maximal loads and is not very efficient.

Once you have been training and have increase CNS efficiency and grown some thick tendons you can really go all out with programs like this to break plateaus etc. So for a beginner I would recommend using it.

Full body workouts are usually the best for beginners because it gives you a variety of work to your whole body to condition yourself to splits, which require more work from the heavier sets with less reps.

But truly, if you like a workout and stick to it, then it doesn’t matter if you do a split or not. But I mean, most people never do single body part days anyway, especially when you incorporate a great deal of compound exercises.

I still plan to try this…I just wanted to see why it wasn’t recommended. So, it seems because of the CNS. Hmmm…well, my plan is to give it a go and up my calories a bit. This past month or so I’ve just been experimenting with different programs. I think I’m starting to see what works for me. After I try the one body part per day I’m going to then decide what program I’ll commit to.

Any specific programs you can recommend?