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Is Now The Time To Buy Gear?

hey dudes,
will all the media attention with the beniot thing, it seems like congress and the politcal asses might take a closer look at gear, especially getting it the net. do you guys think it might be good to stuck up while the getting is still good??? hopefully nothing comes of all this, but u neve know i guess…

Maybe I’m overestimating the nature of man, but I think most people in our legislative branch are generally apathetic to what some mentally unstable Canadian did.

That nut-job murdering his family is nothing more than a pixel in a large picture. You won’t see the FBI or DEA boost their recruiting numbers just to crack down on Joe Gym Rat trying to break 500lb on the bench press.

A bigger issue is the raw powder shortage from China. The prices on UGL gear has almost doubled in last few months because of this.

Yes, the wrestler thing isn’t going to raise concern, not an issue at all. The China thing is an issue, but even that - there are plenty of UGLs who aren’t affected in the slightest by it.

Thanks for the feed back guys, i think it will be alright… have a good fourth and be safe!!!