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Is Nick DIaz Serious?


Let me premise by saying that I am a huge Nick Diaz fan.

As you all have heard he has now been replaced by Condit. Ok I have no problem with that. He acted like an idiot and did not make a few press conferences. Ok no big deal.

But now he is calling out GSP for not fighting to keep their fight?

Are you fucking serious?

Your actions have lef to YOU no being int he main event. Now you want to call out GSP and call him a pussy????

Am I missing something?


You can take the kid out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the kid. The guy is an idiot.... nuff said.


Pretty much.


I agree. He is a big fucking idiot. He gave away his title shot. Now he wants to act like a bully...dude shut the fuck up!


no, he is just joking with you, he is going to fight GSP but they are marketing against BJ just for the lulz.




Almost on the "shit-stain on the diaper of life" category. Dude needs therapy.


I heard today that he may have lost upwards of 1 million dollars for his stupid little antics.

Damn...he actually looks to me like the big pussy for not wanting to fight GSP.


At least if he wins the fight'll be more interesting.


This is true and that is why he is so popular.

Not like GSP!


WAR DIAZ! show how BJ is overrated.


BJ is overrated; Diaz even more so.


GSP too...Look at this past weekend how Ellenberger knocked Jake Shields back into 2nd grade. While GSP all he did was lay on him for 25 minutes.

I am quickly losing my patience with GSP. He is likable but he is far from exciting. Definitely not a finisher!


No he didn't, he stood with him for most of those 25 minutes (which, in this case though is even more of a pussy thing to do).


he stood for 25 minutes and came 1 round short of losing the fight.

mind you he got pretty damaged by Jake Shields striking lol


Yes, you are right. I remember now. Jake Shields could not get a take down and they stood up and played patty cake for 25 min.

Either way my point is GSP does not take chances and doe snot finish anyone. His game plan is to do juuust enough to keep the belt.

Someone is going to catch him soon and fuck him up and take his belt.


Dude, the damage was an eye poke early in the fight that left GSP fighting blind in one eye. Disliking GSP for his unwillingness to take chances is one thing. Manipulating the facts to bad mouth the guy is completely different.


who is manipulating ANY facts?

go check fight metrics and the scores round by round.

You should re-read my message at least 3 times before making that kind of wrong assumption.


I don't need to reread it, and the stats are skewed because HE WAS FIGHTING WITH ONE EYE. Yes, GSP puts on consistently boring, predictable fights, but what happened against Shields comes with an asterisk, because, again, HE WAS FIGHTING WITH ONE EYE.


And Minotauro fights with one eye EVERY DAMN fight and fought Bob Sapp, when Sapp trained seriously and had beaten ERNESTO FUCKIN HOOST twice, with a serious injury on the spine.

No fighter goes 100% to fight, GSP isn't special because of that.

Koscheck broke his eye socket, couldn't see too and went to the decision.