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Is Nandrolone Really That Dangerous?

I’ve read a lot from reddit, a lot of personal cycles, and plenty of horror stories.

For the most part guys generally recover from a decent cycle and PCT it seems. When it comes to using NPP or Deca, guys stop in their tracks and say things like “good luck recovering” or, " you’re PCTing after Nandrolone?!"
I also read a guy on here talking about his fear of recovering after NPP, which I have also been running.

Is there a bad chance i’m going to fully recover now? Do these libido loss and deca dick stories have a good chance of happening to me? The last thing I want is longterm HPTA damage, so if anyone could throw up some knowledge into this matter or give their experiences on PCTing after Nandrolone, it’d help my overactive mind be put to rest :).

Nandrolone is trickier to recover from than something like testosterone. I think the idea that one should avoid it entirely because of that risk is perhaps a little overblown, but if someone chooses to use it they need to be comfortable with the possibility that they may end up on trt. Having that understanding before beginning nand probably makes sense.

The main scary thing about Nandrolone for me at least is how many folks lose the ability to have sex for very long periods of time. I’m sure it’s a small percentage of actual users but considering there are other choices without that same level of risk (even if they aren’t quite as good at producing the same desired effect) I wouldn’t consider it personally.

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I’m 6 weeks in on my second Test Deca cycle. First was test e @ 250mg twice a week and deca @ the same dose.
I’m now using test c @ 750mg per week and deca @ 250mg twice a week.
First deca cycle was great & that is why I have chose to do another.
My experience with Deca has been amazing.

The main risk of nandrolone as I see it doesn’t have anything to do with PCT or railing chicks. It’s been shown in multiple animal model studies to induce cardiac hypertrophy, increase fetal gene expression in the LV, and increase susceptibility to lethal ventricular arythmias.

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There is just some genetic roulette when it comes to AAS period and even another level when it comes to nandrolone. Obviously we naturally have test in our bodies and we measure it’s amounts in MGs per day. The second AAS family is DHT(s) and we can still measure total amounts (natural) in MGs per week, we might have enough to measure in MGs per day but idk and I am not a doctor. Now for the third AAS family aka the 19-nors or nandrolone based, we also actually have naturally produced nandrolone in our bodies only we measure it’s levels in micrograms, not milligrams.
So 500mgs a week of test enanthate per week is roughly five times the high end of natural production. 500mgs of nandrolone per week might be 500 times the natural level, idk, I am not a doctor but you can take it to the bank it’s is a drastically significant ratio vs natural.

So there is that but the second part of my theory and really it’s the main part. We don’t seem to run into crazy stories associated with NPP the way we do with deca. Now that could be that people don’t realize they are the same hormone, sad but true people don’t even bother to look up recommended doses before they just assume they are supposed to take a ML at a time. The other part could be that deca is just more popular than NPP. Look at it from the novices POV, he typically wants as few shots per week as possible and it is the more serious guys that are willing to pin something three times a week or even everyday. Now that right there, the more experienced guy is more likely to have some test base, Wich is a well known bro science remedy to avoid the deca dick in the first place. But all of that aside. Look at the different esters. With NPP if something happenes the guy stops using it and within week the levels are down. With deca, you still have levels that would be well above natural nandrolone levels for MONTHS afterwards, possibly. I think that long drawn out exposure is what makes the nandrolone possible negative side effects so much worse.

Think about someone who likes cocaine like a rockstar but only does an eightball on Fridays. Now take a twin of that person and take that eightball and divide it down to 1/2 grams per day and do that everyday for seven days a week. After a year of those two follow those patterns, who do you think is going to be a more obvious mess? I think NPP vs deca is a similar type thing. That deca ester just keeps a level of it in your body for so freaking llllllllooooonnnnnnnngggggggggggg. That has to have some effect on why we seem to see more issues with deca vs NPP.

Again I am not a doctor. I will add in the other long estered common hormone is EQ. We also seem to see some odd ball side effects with EQ that only seen to effect some of us while the people seeming to be effected does seem to be at a higher level vs other hormones. What I am trying to say is we don’t seem to see such numbers of us reacting to masterson enanthate or primobolan enanthate. We do have some reactions to those but not like the number of us reacting to EQ or certainly not DECA.

That’s my bro science theory. Just something to think about. And FYI, I have basically used every common hormone to include tren, I love it. But I will only touch NPP just because of the stories associated with Deca. And I will only run NPP with a test base along with some sort of DHT based hormone in the mix for at least some of the time. Dht based compounds being the other add in that bro science recommends to combat the dreaded deca dick. As of right now I have only run NPP once, and I will still preach that tren needs to be the last hormone anyone ever tries…

As spinup said, the fact that it targets muscle tissue more specifically than basic testosterone, increases risk of cardiac hypertrophy, but that same tissue selective nature is why people like to use it. I think that with deca, just like most of the synthetic anabolics is that you take the good with the bad…

I’ve only used deca alongside long ester test as a part of a blast with trt cruises in between, so I’ve never experienced the deca dick or loss of libido. I think the main thing is that its used with an androgen base, and if your not cruising, then pct probably is tricky with nandrolone…