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Is My Work Capacity Really Crap?


Hey guys,

There are strength, power and speed standards everywhere, so it's pretty easy to figure out if my deadlift poundage or if my 100m sprint times are shit or good. However it's much harder to find standards for work capacity... the other day I went for a type of workout I hadn't done in a very very long time, and I could barely complete it!

By the end I was feeling very nauseous and weak... I had to lie down for a good 5mns in the changing room before feeling normal again. Talk about metabolic hell. The pump was amazing though.

Here was the workout, only supersets (about 60-80sec rest between supersets):

front squats and pull-overs, 4x15

incline DB BP and seated rows, 4x15.

triceps rope pushdowns and biceps DB curls, 4x15.

I was using weights that brought me within 1-3 reps of failure on most sets, sometimes to full failure on the last set of an exercise.

So considering this workout killed me, is my metabolic conditioning something I really need to improve?


You said yourself you hadn't done it in a long time. So you're not accustomed to this type of workout.


That's a lotta work, especially if done with purpose. I don't think anybody, no matter what condition they were in wouldn't feel it and if you hadn't done it in a while. Like the other guy said it shouldn't be too shocking that it tested you. You worked hard and it kicked your ass. Hmmmm... welcome to weight training.