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Is My Weight Stuck?


So i have been working on getting into fighting shape after a 2 year absence and have a lot work ahead of me. I lost 20 lbs my first 6 weeks and a lot of inches. For the past 2 weeks i have only lost 2 lbs and have been stuck a little i think. I still appear to be getting leaner and losing fat but not for sure i dont have a body fat tester so i cant be 100%. I am getting stronger and faster. Currently i do light weight high rep workouts and body weight workouts5-6 times per week and high instensity cardio 3 times. Should i be worried or am i still going on the right path?


fat loss slows down, take a break and then get back into it




the fuck?


Sorry for the confusion on that basically just trying to figure if there is way to figure out if i am still progressing. Anyone else hit a point similar or any close experience




Fat loss slows down after time. That's natural and does not mean you are on the wrong track. 1-2 lbs a week is standard. Get yourself tested by a personal trainer with calipers, or get a tanita scale to keep at home. Really though, if you are getting stronger and faster I would not worry too much, because if it appears you are getting leaner even though the scale weight isn't changing it means you are adding some muscle.


Thanks for the help my only other major weight loss was when i was in bootcamp so it dropped quick along with all my muscle so this my first time dieting correctly and working out regularly.


Why do you weight lift 6 times a week?


I dont do heavy weight workouts. I do light weight with high reps. Not trying to bulk up. I am trying to build muscle endurance and what not along with getting my weight down.


I understand that, but six days a week seems redundant. It also seems redundant to be doing high reps with low weights and doing cardio. There was a thread about this topic not too long ago with an article that mentioned not doing high weights for low reps. Especially since you said you want to get back into the sport, you want to have your endurance up and your strength up. Train instead to ensure that you can maintain maximal power for a long course by using heavy weights. Then do other conditioning work. Also, at most lift 4 times per week. That seems the best way to do it. You will preserve your body, and you won't be mentally drained.


Could you direct me to an article to get me going better? At this time i am limited to working out at home which is why i have been staying with my current program. Your absolutely right that the weights is very much like cardio. I have a lot of fat to burn so i was trying to do more cardio but still keep muscle built to prevent losing both like i did out of bootcamp. currently sitting at 268. I am tyring to focus on getting down to 240 so that i can jump into my Muay Thai training which will cover my cardio leaving like you said about 4 days of lifting.



That is the thread I was referring to.


That is the article I was talking about. It makes sense to me.

Good luck to you.


Thank you very much for the direction man i appreciate it!


This is all pretty solid advice. let me add what I do.

Heavy lifting -- mostly pulls (love rack pulls these days and rows) since combat athletes tend to stay stuck in trunk flexion (that's the safest position to fight in) as well as some pushes in various planes, such as overheads and bench. I tend to favor dumbbells over bars just because I think you can't get nearly enough stability work. The single biggest difference to my training I have found is to focus mostly on posterior chain work outside of martial arts training.

Agility/stability training - You cannot be mobile without having good stability. This means things like planks, side bridges &c. and isometrics (e.g., do a pull-up and stay stuck at the top for 5 seconds per rep.) I mix these up with footwork drills (includes combos with rolls, falls & sprawls as well as floorwork) and sprints. Oh, and fall in love with ITYs as well as face pulls. These help overcome the major training imbalance of always punching/hitting things. Swing tabatas are a good ending to this workout. Do them right though and don't hurt your back or shoulders.

I alternate these workouts and add cardio in several times a week. This takes any of several different forms, such as jogging, biking or swimming. Oh, and I also just took up rock climbing a couple of months ago which is pretty good too...

FWIW I've been doing this pretty much for the last 6 months and dropped a bit of weight. Imagine my surprise to find that my last bodyfat test I had slid down from around 12% to slightly less than 8% without really trying. And yes, I look like an android. :o)