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Is My Weight Loss Target Realistic?


These are my measuresments

Neck Circumference : 33cm
Waist Circumference : 77cm
Hips : 88 cm

I am about 55kg (125 pounds) and I am 1.67 m in height.

My bodyfat measurements are about 16% (Navy Circumference Method). I would like to reach about 10% bodyfat and bring my waist measurement down to 71 cm in six months. Is that a realistic time frame ?




Yes, no problem, if you eat and train right.


Any suggestions on the best way to achieve it ? My training schedule is currently like this. Twice a a week weight lifting
Twice a week swmimming and twice a week kickboxing. As for diet, I was thinking of following something similar to the cylical ketogenic diet



You'd probably be better served trying to gain weight. Let's say you add 10 pounds of muscle with 3 pounds of fat or something to that effect, you'd see a decrease in bodyfat %


So,I did the math, and 6cm comes out to around 3 inches... which corresponds ROUGHLY to about 12 lbs of fat (more as you get smaller). And you're only 125lbs.

I realize you're short. Now is not the time for you to be cutting.

Read the top four threads in the beginner's forum. Those stickies should answer most of your questions (and provide you the information to ask new, intelligent ones!). If you insist on cutting, pick a fat-loss program from the index in Vroom's 'Are You A Beginner II' thread and do it as prescribed.


I know I am skinny. That's precisely what I find so perplexing. I looked damn skinny yet I have such a big tummy



Youd be amazed at how large a problem can seem if you stare at it all day.

Not saying this is you, it's just the first thing that came to mind.


Not really. It was my friends that brought it up to me. I didn't really notice it until a few friends of mine commented that for a skinny person I do have quite a huge tummy. Even my mum commented that I look like I was six months pregnant when I walked out of the shower. I wear the same size jeans as some people who are clearly obese. And going by waist hip ratio or Navy Circumference ratio I am at about 16% bodyfat.