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Is My Weight Gain Plan Good?

I’ve hit a plateau where it’s been hard for me to put on lbs. so i’m trying to switch it up and this is what i ate today. Let me know if this is a horrible/good way to gain weight. if you have any suggestions, let me know.


One Cup of oatmeal(dried) w/ Milk and 2tbs of peanut butter
1 Banana
Weight Gain Shake

Before Lunch:
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
ham and turkey wrap

10oz. baked chicken breast

After Lunch:
Peanut butter and jelly (again)
Weight Gain Shake

After Gym:
Protein Shake

3 fried eggs (i didn’t have time to cook anything else)

Before I go to bed:
Weight Gain Shake

If you aren’t gaining weight, you need to eat more. Simple as that. Is this more than you were eating before?

Also, I try to make sure at least half of my protein comes from whole foods, you might be toeing the line. I have no empirical evidence that it will give you the best results, but it’s an oft repeated fact, and it kinda makes sense.

yeah this is more than i was eating before. i was just eating regularly w/ eating a few cans of tuna during the week and one weight gain shake per day. I was able to keep the 20+ lbs i gained from working out and eating, but then i came to a point where it was very hard for me to gain, so i decided to do this. how many calories do you think i should shoot for?


Bodyweight in pounds times 20 is a decent approximation. However, caloric needs are highly individual. Generally, if you aren’t gaining weight, up your daily calories by 250. After a week, if you have gained weight, stay where you are, if not, do it again. Repeat ad infinitum.

Also, you should strongly consider buying a blender and making your own shakes instead of buying gainer shakes.

i have a juiceman for making smoothies, but i do need a blender. i’ve actually had a couple protein/gainers given to me for free otherwise i’d most likely make my own. is gaining a pound per week healthy or could i gain more?

Maybe for a little while. You could continue adding 250kcal a week and monitor your %bodyfat. When you notice a disproportionate rise, drop 250 and eat there for a while.

This requires a reasonably accurate method of tracking bodyfat, though.

How much do you weigh now? When you bulk up you will add on some fat.

Other then the usual more chicken and steak, add more mini meals. Remember to eat plenty of beans- you may get windy, but kidney beans, garbonzo’s and are a good source of protein. Try Quinoa- its like a very small grain, softens up when you cook it and will really fill you up.

I’m in the same boat with you, I was 135 trying to get to 150 now, almost there. My trainer says I gotta have around 3000 cals a day. Its tough.

right now i’m at 141 lbs…but i lost some weight and my highest was right under 150 lbs. i started at around 120…

i started eating a lot on sunday, so i’m pretty sure i’ve put on a couple lbs so far…i really wasn’t keeping track of my calorie and protein intake till sunday, but i’ll weigh myself on monday and see if i’ve made any progress. my calorie intake per day has been ranging from 3500 to a little over 4000 calories the past few days, which im sure i’m eating atleast 700 calories more than before.

I weigh 170-175 and eat at around 3800, which is a nice balance between weight gain and actually getting it all down :D.

Seriously, though, that’s probably a good range for you, but if you stop gaining weight, you need to eat (and sleep) more.

Of course, that’s assuming that your gym time is spent well. If your training is lacking, you will gain most of the weight as fat.